Music Beast produced the music for these Tanqueray ads which received significant attention in both the advertising and entertainment worlds for their creative content, and were praised for taking a fresh approach to advertising – turning the music from these advertisements into bona-fide radio hits.


There’s A Crystal Method To Their Media Madness

Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland make up electronic duo the Crystal ethod. After three studio albums and two DJ-mix collections, they hope to extend their reach via film, TV and videogames.
The duo has scored its first featured film, “London.” The soundtrack arrives in January, it will be the first commercial release on Tiny E, the act’s new label distributed by Reincarnate Music.
The Crystal Method also composed the theme for the new Fox series “Bones” and licensed a new track, “Free Your Mind Up”, to “Matrix: Path of Neo”, a videogame from Atari out this month.
“We wanted to take the time between albums to do more media stuff,” Jordan says.
“And to challenge ourselves to do things differently,” Kirkland adds. “Besides,” Jordan says “artists can no longer rely solely on CD sales. Those days are long gone.”
The duo’s manager SuzAnn Brantner of 3AM Management agrees. “Because kids are hit with so many things these days, you must get multiple impressions,” she says.
While working outside the confines of the dancefloor is not new for Jordan and Kirkland, this activity marks a concentrated effort to bring new fans into their fold.
Through the years, the dio has placed several songs in soundtracks (the documentary “Rise”), games (“N2O: Nitrous Oxide”) and TV ads (Gap). The twosome’s “Keep Home Alive” was the theme song of NBC drama “Third Watch.”
With each new opportunity, more prople became aware of them, Brantner says. She notes that the Gap ad, which featured the track “Busy Child”, caused the radio programmers to come around again. “It created renewed interest in the song.”
Brantner has high hopes for the “Bones” theme – and rightly so. It is safe to say that the average “Bones” fan knows nothing about the Los Angeles-based duo. So, “a 40-year-old might watch ‘Bones”, but never go to Avalon on a Saturday night,” Brantner says, referring to the popular L.A. nightclub.
“People are always telling us that they initially heard our music in videogames or TV ads,” Kirkland says. “Not every town has a [rock station like] KROQ [Los Angeles] to hear this kind of music. but every town surely has a couple of kids who watch TV and play videogames.”

Tanqueray is the latest brand to take original music from a TV spot and extend it into a full-length single – thanks to assistance from its ad agency Grey Worldwide. Hip-hop track “Get Your Ice On” from the liquor company’s “Gem Cutter” spot is currently being heard on Numerous Sirius Satellite radio channels, including ESPN, Maxim, NFL radio and Laugh Break.
The track can also be downloaded at and is featured on the Grey-created wensites Additionally, 35,000 promotional CDs are being handed out at comedian Mike Epps’ in-progress On the Edge Comedy Tour, sponsored by Tanqueray.
Grey music producer Jared Schlemovitz says the extended version was a diect result of “overwhelming e-mail inquiries” about the music in Tanqueray spots “Gem Cutter,” “Mmmm” and “Iceberg.”
Schlemovitz created “Get Your Ice On” with Grey Creative director Glenn Porter, Alfred Hochstrasser of New York music production house Music Beast ad the featured rapper, whose name is being kept a mystery. (The track is credited to Tanqueray character “Tony Sinclair.”)
With the extended version of “Get Your Ice On,” Grey is doing its part to develop a 360-degree advertising platform. In the process, Schlemovitz says the targeted consumers are being hit in the easiest and most direct way.
If all goes as hopes, “Get Your Ice On” will become a bona fide hit – without the help of well-oiled record label. “As long as the music is good, who cares where it came from?” Schlemoviz asks. “Starbucks is selling CDs. Why can’t Tanqueray deliver a hit single?”
Time will tell if “Get Your Ice On”has staying power. Meanwhile, Grey is gearing up for the launch of Tanqueray’s new holiday spot featuring a delightfully trippy take on a classic holiday song. An extended version of “Deck the Halls” (as well as “Get Your Ice On”) are included on a virtual CD available on
Created by Blue Maze in New York, the “disc” also includes two tracks by Soulive and full-length versions of “One Billion Ice Cubes” and “MmmmmMartinis” from Tanqueray’s “Iceberg” and “MMMM” spots respectively.
And who knows? An upcoming Tanqueray ad in Blender magazine may drive enough traffic to to cause a serious traffic jam. Stay tuned.

(c) Ronny Simon