Semiconductor Photochemistry And Photophysics Volume Ten by V. Ramamurthy, Kirk S. Schanze

By V. Ramamurthy, Kirk S. Schanze

Content material: Heterosupramolecular units in accordance with nanocrystalline semiconductors / Carlo A. Bignozzi, Matteo Biancardo, and Peter F.H. Schwab -- the fundamental interface: reviews in dye-sensitized sunlight cells / Brian A. Gregg -- Photo-induced electron move reactivity at nanoscale semiconductor-solution interfaces: case experiences with dye-sensitized Sn02-water interfaces / Dennis A. Gaal and Joseph T. Hupp -- present prestige of dye-sensitized sunlight cells / Hironori Arakawa and Kohjiro Hara -- Spectroscopy and dynamics of layered semiconductor nanoparticles / David F. Kelley -- Mechanisms of the photocatalytic transformation of natural compounds / Claudio Minero, Valter Maurino, and Ezio Pelizzetti -- Titanium dioxide-photocatalyzed reactions of organophosphorus compounds in aqueous media / Kevin E. O'Shea -- Photocatalytic oxidation of gas-phase fragrant contaminants / Michael Lewandowski and David F. Ollis -- layout and improvement of latest titanium dioxide semiconductor photocatalysts / Masakazu Anpo ... [et al.] -- Dye-sensitized sun cells in line with mesoscopic oxide semiconductor movies / Mohammad okay. Nazeeruddin and Michael Grätzel -- purposes of semiconductor electro-optical homes to chemical sensing / Anne-Marie L. Nickel ... [et al.]

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Finally, compounds classified in II are anticipated to show the metal-to-metal charge transfer (MMCT) band, with its position related to the activation energy of adiabatic thermal electron transfer (Eop ‫ ס ␭ ס‬4⌬G*) [101]. The situation in unsymmetrical complexes can be similarly explained if the energy difference between the two states is taken into account (Eop ‫⌬ ם ␭ ס‬E) (Fig. 11). Even though the Hush model was originally developed to describe MMCT transitions in mixed-valence binuclear or polynuclear complexes, its principles are applicable to any kind of transition between localized redox centers in a complex molecule, including ligands whose redox potentials are at reasonable energies.

Most frequently, the charged and typically planar oxidized form possesses a delocalized ␲-electron band structure and is doped with counteranions (p-doping). The band gap (defined as the onset of the ␲–␲* transition) between the valence band and the conduction band is considered responsible for the intrinsic optical properties. Investigations of the mechanism have revealed that the charge transport is based on the formation of radical cations delocalized over several monomer units, called polarons [27].

ELECTROCHROMIC DEVICES (ECDs) Classically speaking, electrochromic materials are chemical species whose color can be interchanged electrochemically due to the generation of a different electronic absorption band in the visible region [26]. In a more general sense, the terminology does not only include visible color changes but also electrochemically induced changes in the near-infrared (NiR), thermal infrared, and microwave regions. This broader definition is reasonable considering the more recent progress toward a multispectral energy modulation of radiation by absorbance and reflection; however, we will focus predominantly on the “classical” field and our use of the term should be understood in this context.

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