Philosophical Investigations on Time, Space and the by Franz Brentano

By Franz Brentano

Franz Brentano is acknowledged as the most very important philosophers of the past due 19th and early 20th centuries. This paintings, first released in English in 1988, in addition to being a huge contribution to metaphysics in its personal correct, has substantial historic significance via its effect on Husserl’s perspectives on inner time awareness. The paintings is preceded through a protracted advent through Stephan K?rner in collaboration with Brentano’s literary executor.

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It cannot happen either that a body should be at rest for one instant which would have been moving up until this instant with a velocity of one meter per second and would On What is Continuous 21 then instantaneously move off with the same velocity in the opposite direction. What we must say in this latter case is rather that the two movements in opposite directions touch each other in time and that in one and the same present moment, whose plerosis is twosided, the body experiences two opposite motions in half plerosis, each having a plerosis in relation to a different side.

For they would, after all, exist only as boundaries of something not temporally but spatially continuous, and this cannot be assumed of a body without contradiction. 20. It is easy to understand that in the case of what is secondarily continuous one can speak of the just-discussed uniformity just as little as of a uniformity of teleosis, for in the case of complete teleosis it would have a specific variation in not even one of the conceivable directions. One thing can be said of it as of the primarily continuous, however, namely that, whether it is given in complete or in incomplete teleosis, it can never be limited in its extension in such a way that it manifests itself as an isolated boundary.

Ancient mythology went so far as to make of time, Chronos, a god, where others insisted that time as such exerts no effective influence at all. Many said that time passes; others affirmed in contrast that time itself exists in a changeless manner and that it is merely what is temporal that moves through it in the course of its existence. Among the more recent philosophers it seems that Kant and Schopenhauer stand opposed in this way. Some declared time to be something absolute, others that it was nothing but the totality of relations between things in regard to their ‘before’ and ‘after’.

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