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Not greed, not free market demand, but fear stimulated IT, especially after the Soviet Union exploded atomic bombs and possessed the intercontinental ballistic missiles to deliver them. American taxpayers for long decades paid the enormous costs of superpower rivalry. Most of that money went for conventional weaponry, but millions also went to research in IT. , 1992, p. 97). Probably, for this study, the pertinent example of this governmentcreated IT is the personal computer. After Sputnik the government lavishly funded a new organization, ARPA, as part of a crash program to help the United States regain the supposedly lost initiative in science and technology.

1–2). But the perplexed Neubert did not rush back home. He stayed to found a business in Silicon Valley and to understand and appreciate, like other Germans and Frenchmen, its environment. Manager Magazin, in a 1999 article entitled “Go west, Germans,” spelled out the opportunities ¨ in this unfamiliar entrepreneurial culture (Gartner, 1999), and the same sort of exhortations appeared on other national Web sites. Some, emphasizing the culture clash, decided that Silicon Valley’s culture was too alien to their own to be fit for emulation.

G. 13 In France, Sweden and elsewhere in Europe, where certain industries felt hard-pressed (automobiles, machine tools, electronics, precision instruments and optics), the German experience was repeated. Thus two factors complicate any discussion about European reaction to Silicon Valley. One is the two phases of Silicon Valley development, which divide roughly between pre- and post-interactivity. If 1970 is taken as a culmination year for the first phase, 2000 can be considered 13 A list of his publications, and a discussion of his work, can be found in Locke, 1996.

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