Organic Marine Geochemistry by Mary L. Sohn (Eds.)

By Mary L. Sohn (Eds.)

Content material: natural marine geochemistry : an summary / Mary L. Sohn -- Molecular geochemical symptoms in sediments / S.C. Brassell and G. Eglinton -- Sedimentary lipids and polysaccharides as symptoms for resources of enter, microbial job, and temporary diagenesis / J.W. de Leeuw -- Phenolic and lignin pyrolysis items of vegetation, seston, and sediment in a Georgia estuary / Jean okay. Whelan, Martha E. Tarafa, and Evelyn B. Sherr -- Characterization of particulate natural subject from sediments within the estuary of the Rhine and from offshore unload websites of dredging spoils / Jaap J. Boon, B. Brandt-de Boer, Wim Genuit, Jan Dallinga, and E. Turkstra -- starting place of natural subject in North American Basin Cretaceous black shales / Rosanne M. Joyce and Edward S. Van Vleet -- The biogeochemistry of chlorophyll / J. William Louda and Earl W. Baker -- Structural research of aquatic humic ingredients via NMR spectroscopy / Andrew H. Gillam and Michael A. Wilson -- Structural interrelationships between humic ingredients in marine and estuarine sediments as delineated by means of cross-polarization/magic attitude spinning ¹³C NMR / Patrick G. Hatcher and William H. Orem -- Early diagenesis of natural carbon in sediments from the Peruvian upwelling sector / W.T. Cooper, A.S. Heiman, and R.R. Yates -- The biogeochemistry of polychlorinated biphenyls within the Acushnet River Estuary, Massachusetts / John W. Farrington, Alan C. Davis, Bruce J. Brownawell, Bruce W. Tripp, C. Hovey Clifford, and Joaquim B. Livramento -- Polychlorinated biphenyls and hydrocarbons : distributions between sure and unbound lipid fractions of estuarine sediments / H.R. Beller and B.R.T. Simoneit -- destiny of carbonized coal hydrocarbons in a hugely industrialized estuary / Terry L. Wade, Mahlon C. Kennicutt, II, and Elizabeth G. Merrill -- Hydrocarbon illness from coastal improvement / Richard H. Pierce, Robert C. Brown, Edward S. Van Vleet, and Rosanne M. Joyce -- Distribution of hint organics, heavy metals, and traditional pollution in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana / Edward B. Overton, Michael H. Schurtz, Kerry M. St. Pé, and Christian Byrne -- Seasonal cycles of dissolved methane within the southeastern Bering Sea / Joel D. Cline, Charles N. Katz, and Kimberly Kelly-Hansen -- solid hydrogen and carbon isotopic compositions of biogenic methanes from a number of shallow aquatic environments / Roger A. Burke, Jr. and William M. Sackett -- Polybromomethanes : a year-round learn in their liberate to seawater from Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosis / Philip M. Gschwend and John okay. MacFarlane -- Biogeochemical biking of sulfur : thiols in coastal marine sediments / Kenneth Mopper and Barrie F. Taylor -- Speciation of dissolved sulfur in salt marshes by means of polarographic tools / George W. Luther, III, Thomas M. Church, Anne E. Giblin, and Robert W. Howarth -- Chemical speciation in high-complexation depth platforms / Robert H. Byrne and William L. Miller -- The adsorption of organomercury compounds from seawater onto sedimentary stages / Cristie Dalland, Eva Schumacher, and Mary L. Sohn -- results of humic ingredients on plutonium speciation in marine platforms / G.R. Choppin, R.A. Roberts, and J.W. Morse -- The interplay of hint steel radionuclides with humic components / Ljerka Musani-Marazović, Danielle Faguet, and Zdenka Konrad

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