Optical Properties of Bismuth-Based Topological Insulators by Paola Di Pietro

By Paola Di Pietro

Topological Insulators (TIs) are insulators within the bulk, yet have unique metal states at their surfaces. The topology, linked to the digital wavefunctions of those structures, adjustments whilst passing from the majority to the skin. This paintings reviews, by way of infrared spectroscopy, the low power optical conductivity of Bismuth dependent TIs on the way to determine the extrinsic cost contribution of the majority and to split it from the intrinsic contribution of the skin nation vendors. The large effects awarded during this thesis certainly indicates the second personality of the vendors in Bismuth-based topological insulators. The experimental equipment and the FTIR method, the speculation of optical houses and floor Plasmon Polaritons, in addition to pattern coaching of either crystals and skinny motion pictures, and the research tactics are completely described.

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36) Hsur f ace = −i v F − → where − σ is the spin. As seen above, one single Dirac cone doesn’t violate the fermion doubling theorem, since the partner Dirac point resides on opposite surface. The surface states of a strong topological insulator form a unique 2D topological metal [5], that is essentially half an ordinary metal. Indeed, they are not spin degenerate. Since TR symmetry requires that states at momenta k and −k have opposite spin, the spin must rotate with k around the Fermi surface, as indicated in Fig.

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