Omphalos; The Evolution Debate, 1813-1870 (Volume IV) by Philip Gosse

By Philip Gosse

Gosse argued that fossils aren't particularly the continues to be of creatures which existed. God had created the area in six days, yet had made it seem like it was once already historical, entire with the continues to be of non-existent pre-historic existence. Gosse's paintings used to be well liked by neither Christians nor evolutionists.

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The ‘rational persons’] thus view the labours of the Bible-geologists as fruitless attempts, they often do not see—,” &c. * 20 THE CAUSE. ” Coolly bowing aside His authority, this writer has hatched a scheme, by which the immediate ancestor of Adam was a Chimpanzee, and his remote ancestor a Maggot! In reviewing this array of opinions, is there not sufficient ground for regarding with caution the claim to certainty which has been boldly put forth for the conclusions of Geology? It cannot be denied that there is here room for a very considerable amplitude of choice among discordant hypotheses.

If the water in which the pounded rock is thrown is moving along at a slow rate, and the clayey portion of the granite, called felspar, happens to be somewhat decomposed, as it often is, then the felspar (which is so truly clay that it makes the best possible material for the use of the potteries) and the thin shining plates of mica, will be carried further by the water than the lumps of white quartz or flint sand, which, with the other two ingredients, made up the granite; and the two former will be deposited in layers, which, by passing a galvanic current through them, would in time become micaschist.

36 WITNESS FOR THE MACRO-CHRONOLOGY. questionable whether the origin of coal was certainly and necessarily vegetable, than reasonable to doubt the importance of the change that has taken place, and the existence of extraordinary means to produce that change. Nothing, however, is more certain than that all coal was once vegetable; for in most cases woody structure may be detected under the microscope; and this, if not in the coal in its ordinary state, at least in the burnt ashes which remain after it has been exposed to the action of heat, and has lost its bi tuminous and semi-crystalline character.

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