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However, manpower forecasting in developed economies has been widely discredited because of its inaccuracy. This is particularly likely to be true in an open economy like Korea’s and during a volatile period of time when the emergence of other economies — China and India in particular — makes forecasting especially risky. OECD REVIEWS OF TERTIARY EDUCATION – KOREA – ISBN 978-92-64-04905-5 – © OECD 2009 50 – 3. TERTIARY EDUCATION AND THE LABOUR MARKET issues in Korean education, the problem of mismatches is not a single issue, but a series of somewhat different issues requiring different solutions.

In summary, complaints about the mismatches of skills are quite varied in their origin and in their solutions. Some seem to arise from student misunderstanding of what jobs require, and then the solution is better information to students. Some arise from educational institutions having rigid staffing structures and being resistant to change and, particularly, failing to recognise the competencies required in modern work, and the solution is for employers and education providers to confer about the requirements of modern work.

9 We will return to the subject of LLL in Chapter 10, in considering what a coherent system of tertiary education might look like; for the moment is it sufficient to note that students generally enter tertiary education right after secondary schooling, and that most students in tertiary education are of conventional age. Finally, there exists a parallel system of licensing required for many occupations. For many of the trades (like electricians, cosmetologists, and auto mechanics), as well as many professions (like law, medicine, teaching, engineering, and architecture), students need to pass licensing examinations before working in that occupation.

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