NET Compact Framework 3.5 data-driven applications : build by Edmund Tan; Greg Yap

By Edmund Tan; Greg Yap

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The user will have to key in the path of the plugin DLL (or browse for the file using the button next to the field). Upon selecting a plugin that conforms to the IDataLibPlugin interface, the plugin's full name will be shown in the same window. The user would then be required to specify the connection settings to an existing database in the Plugin datasource field. When installing a plugin for the first time, the sales force database does not exist. A Create now button will, therefore, be provided to allow the user to generate a new sales force database (together with its schema) on the mobile device.

60 ] Chapter 2 Name Accounts_SQL Description CREATE TABLE Accounts ( AccountGUID NOT NULL, UNIQUEIDENTIFIER UNIQUE AccountType INT, DateCreated DATETIME, FirstName NVARCHAR(50), LastName NVARCHAR(50), Status INT, Reception INT, Source INT, ResPhoneNo NVARCHAR(50), MobPhoneNo NVARCHAR(50), EmailAddress NVARCHAR(100), Street NVARCHAR(255), City NVARCHAR(50), State NVARCHAR(50), Zipcode NVARCHAR(10), Country NVARCHAR(50), Website NVARCHAR(50), InterestedProds NVARCHAR(255), OwnerID NVARCHAR(255), PRIMARY KEY(AccountGUID) AccountHistories_SQL ) CREATE TABLE AccountHistories ( AccountGUID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER NOT NULL, HistoryID INT IDENTITY(1,1), Originator INT, Subject NVARCHAR(255), Description NTEXT, Timestamp DATETIME, PRIMARY KEY(HistoryID) ) [ 61 ] Building the Data Tier Name Description AccountFiles_SQL CREATE TABLE AccountFiles ( AccountGUID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER NOT NULL, AttachmentID INT IDENTITY(1,1), AttachmentName NVARCHAR(255), AttachmentSize INT, Attachment NVARCHAR(255), PRIMARY KEY(AttachmentID) AccountTasks_SQL ) CREATE TABLE AccountTasks ( AccountGUID UNIQUEIDENTIFIER NOT NULL, TaskID INT IDENTITY(1,1), TaskSubject NVARCHAR(255), TaskDescription NTEXT, TaskCreated DATETIME, TaskDate DATETIME, TaskStatus INT, PRIMARY KEY(TaskID) Products_SQL ) CREATE TABLE Products ( ProductID INT IDENTITY(1,1), ProductCode NVARCHAR(5), ProductName NVARCHAR(100), ProductPrice MONEY, PRIMARY KEY(ProductID) ) [ 62 ] Chapter 2 Building the plugin class We will now add the main plugin class to the project.

43 ] Building the Data Tier An overview When we first launch our SalesForceApp project, we will encounter the form as in the following screenshot. This form allows the user to install or remove a plugin. For instance, if the user wanted to have Oracle Lite and SQL Server CE support on his mobile device, he or she would have to install both the OracleLitePlugin and SQLServerPlugin plugins in this window. When a user clicks on the New plugin button, this will open the window shown in the following screenshot.

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