Neanderthals Revisited: New Approaches and Perspectives by Katerina Harvati, Terry Harrison

By Katerina Harvati, Terry Harrison

Recent years have witnessed intriguing and significant clinical breakthroughs within the examine of Neanderthals and their position in human evolution that have reworked our appreciation of this group’s paleobiology and evolution. This quantity offers state-of-the-art learn by means of prime scientists re-examining the main debates in Neanderthal examine with using cutting edge state-of-the paintings tools and interesting new theoretical ways.

Topics addressed contain the re-assessment of Neanderthal anatomy, inferred diversifications and routine actions, developmental styles, phylogenetic relationships, and the Neanderthal extinction; new tools contain desktop tomography, 3D geometric morphometrics, historic DNA and bioenergetics. the various contributions supply clean insights and advances in Neanderthal and glossy human origins research.

This is a quantity in The Max-Planck-Institute Subseries in Human Evolution coordinated by way of Jean-Jacques Hublin, Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, division of Human Evolution, Leipzig, Germany

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Referred to OIS 5. The penecontemporaneous fossil evidence is rather fragmentary, including: the two portions of cranial vault from Fontéchevade (France); the calvaria and other cranial portions from La Chaise BourgeoisDelaunay (France); the fragmentary braincase found at Ehringsdorf (Germany); and the large but fragmentary sample from Krapina (Croatia). , beginning of the Würm glaciation) – remains unclear. , Hublin, vaulted Neanderthal 1998). , Arsuaga 32 E. BRUNER & G. , 1997). The “accretion model” in particular, introduced a four-step scheme to explain the Neanderthal evolution.

Surface, are observable within the fossil volume. A Glimpse at the (ecto)Cranium From an ectocranial perspective, SCP1 displays a clear Neanderthal appearance, including most of the derived traits which characterize this human group, despite the occurrence of a number of plesiomorphic features and the weak expression of some derived ones. , 1986; Manzi and Passarello, 1991; Schwartz and Tattersall, 2002; Manzi, 2004). Similar considerations are also pertinent to the second specimen from Saccopastore.

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