Morphogenesis of Thyroid Follicles in Vitro by P. Cau, M. Michel-Bechet, G. Fayet

By P. Cau, M. Michel-Bechet, G. Fayet

The thyroid gland first seems to be within the phylogenic scale within the Lamprey larva, Ammocoetes, on the time of metamorphosis (see overview by way of Constantinescu, 1972). In larger Vertebrates the grownup thyroid gland contains vesicles i. e. thyroid follicles containing colloid and covered with a cubic or prismatic epithelium. because the finish of the nineteenth century, many authors have studied the morphoge­ nesis of the follicles in the course of the embryonic and fetal improvement of the gland in guy and different species, largely Chick, Rat and Rabbit. the advance of recommendations for culturing organs of upper animals, specifically the thyroid by way of Carrel and Burrows (1910) and Champy (1914, 1915), allowed the learn of the survival in vivo or in vitro of grafts or explants of thyroid gland got from grownup or fetal animals. as well as organotypic cultures, suggestions for culturing telephone suspensions received through enzymatic dissociation have lately been subtle. in addition, histological exam of pathological human glands and grownup thyroids experimentally influenced via thyrotropin hormone (TSH) has supplied extra facts for the knowledge of thyroid follicle morphogenesis.

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2) The microvilli arise from budding of the cell surface related to expanding bundles of microfilaments which become their axial core. This is the case in intestinal cells of Insects (Van Lennep, 1964), of metamorphosing Amphibia (Hourdry, 1969), of the Rat (Shaw-Dunn, 1967), and in BHK cells in culture (Follet and Goldman, 1970). (3) The membrane of the microvilli arises from the fusion with the apical plasmalemma of a vesicle originating from the Golgi apparatus and containing an electron-dense material.

Lly, in a very tangential section the junctional complex disappears and is replaced by the lateral face of the cell and its finger-like extensions (Fig. 15: plane of section C; compare with Figs. l1a, 13a). 48 These three types of different images can be seen by sectioning the same follicular cavity in the various cells which make up the follicular wall. For example, in Fig. 14a, a cavity sectioned according to plane B can be seen as well as two cavities sectioned in plane A. The results of the study of the time course of reassociation of isolated thyroid cells together with the examination of serial ultrathin sections and the study of models provide evidence against the hypothesis of formation of the follicular lumen by the fusion of intracytoplasmic microfollicular cavities.

1961) and in this case is very irregularly shaped. Though initially sparse, the microvilli eventually fill up almost completely the still very narrow lumen which consequently cannot be distinguished by the light microscope. Hilfer (1964) shows in micrographs and graphically in a schema two distinct follicular cavities between three associated cells. Thus one cell could possess two different apical poles bordering two distinct follicular lumina (Fig. ia). This would seem little likely and it is more probable that these images are due to two sections in the same plane of section of a single, tortuous follicular cavity stretching between several thyroid cells.

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