Mesozoic/Cenozoic vertebrate paleontology : classic by John J Flynn; American Geophysical Union

By John J Flynn; American Geophysical Union

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Large form) Orohippus sp. (small form) Family Brontotheriidae Telmatherium cultridens (Osborn, Scott and Speir, 1878) Manteoceras manteoceras (Osborn, 1899) Family Helaletidae Hyrachyus sp. (cf. H. eximius Leidy, 1871) Order Artiodactyla Family Dichobunidae Helohyus validus Marsh, 1872 Neodiacodexis emryi Atkins [1970] Since West and Atkins' paper, additional taxa have been collected, such as a multituberculate, and the taxonomy has changed somewhat as the result of ongoing research, but the list gives the essential character of the mammalian fauna.

I ~--- --1 ! I WIOOINS FM --- - I --I I I 'MALm BED FM , i I ! I I cm:EN AND IIUfi I ME)JBER ! I ! f I ~t--I WIND RIVER FM LffiTCABIN MB i I f I ! TEEPEE 1RAIL FM I !

Wind River Canyon, formed by Owl Creek Range, northwest of Riverton. Atop the northward flowing Wind River (called the these is the Wind River Formation itself, a Bighorn River when it enters the Bighorn variegated Wasatchian (early Eocene) unit Basin to the north), is another excellent that covers most of the center of the Wind example of downcutting and superimposition of River Basin. An Eocene river channel a river drainage across an uplifted range. 1), we are crossing the steeply T322: 32 southward-dipping (50-70 degrees) Boysen Fault.

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