MathTensor: a system for doing tensor analysis by computer by Leonard Parker

By Leonard Parker

An creation to MathTensor, software program that may be used with Mathematica to do tensor research with a working laptop or computer. software program is on the market individually from writer. DLC: MathTensor.

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G. ; • cognizer, filled with a class Person including its subclasses. Information Search Process features one additional slot constraint named pieceof-information. g. g. g. Controlling TV Device Process. This way, an utterance such as shown in Example 11 can also be mapped onto Information Search Process. (11) I would like information about the castle This process has an agent of type User and a piece of information of type Sight. Sight has a name of type Castle. Analogously, the utterance shown in Example 12.

These general roles applied to concrete processes may also have subslots: thus an agent in a process of buying (TransactionProcess) is a buyer, the one in the process of cognition is a cognizer. This way, non-taxonomic relations can also build a hierarchy. e. the item that is to be presented, etc. Consider the class Process. 1 Modeling Domain and Discourse Knowledge 45 the same indicating the time point when the process is complete, has-state, one of the abstract process states. These relations describe properties that are common to all processes, and as such they are inherited by all subclasses of the Process class.

G. an ontology, is referred to more traditionally by LuperFox as the knowledge base. Between these two layers the resides the discourse layer in her model, which contains amodal representations of the referents of the ongoing discourse called discourse pegs. In case a new linguistic object comes into the surface buffer it is checked, if the instance or concept can be linked to an existing peg, as in the case of anaphoric relationships; if it can not be linked to an existing peg, it is assumed to refer to a discourse new referent.

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