Math Proofs Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide by Stan Gibilisco

By Stan Gibilisco

Nearly each pupil has to check a few kind of mathematical proofs, no matter if it's in geometry, trigonometry, or with higher-level issues. furthermore, mathematical theorems became an engaging direction for lots of scholars outdoors of the mathematical area, basically for the reasoning and common sense that's had to entire them. for that reason, it is common to have philosophy and legislations scholars grappling with proofs. . This e-book is the best source for demystifying the options and ideas that govern the mathematical evidence region, and is completed with the normal �Demystified� point, questions and solutions, and accessibility. .

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The answer is this: In mathematics, something can appear to be obvious and then turn out to be false! In order to protect against mistaken conclusions, the pure mathematician adheres to a form of discipline called rigor. The following proofs are rigorous. They leave no room for doubt or dispute. COMMUTATIVE LAW FOR CONJUNCTION Tables 1-7A and 1-7B show that the following two general sentences are logically equivalent for any two variables X and Y: X&Y Y&X COMMUTATIVE LAW FOR DISJUNCTION Tables 1-8A and 1-8B show that the following two general sentences are logically equivalent for any two variables X and Y: X∨Y Y∨X 19 CHAPTER 1 The Basics of Propositional Logic Table 1-8.

We can then write the sentences like this: Wjs Kbf Erp Ute We list the verb first, then the subject, and then the object. The order in which the constants appear is important. Suppose we reverse the order of the constants in each of the above sentences? Then we get the following: Wsj Kfb Epr Uet CHAPTER 2 How Sentences Are Put Together Table 2-4. Nouns and verbs used to denote some sentences containing two constants. Nouns Symbols Jill j Bob b that runner r my teacher t school s the football f pork p Einstein e Verbs Symbols walks to W kicks K eats E understands U Assuming we keep the symbol assignments shown in Table 2-4, these symbolic representations translate this way: • • • • The school walks to Jill.

The third sentence is SVO. ” 37 CHAPTER 2 How Sentences Are Put Together The fourth sentence is SLVC. ” PROBLEM 2-2 Evaluate the fourth sentence in the previous problem in another way, and write down a symbolic expression for it. ” If we symbolize “my computer” by c and “perfect” by P, then “My computer is perfect” can be denoted Pc, and “It is not true that my computer is perfect” can be denoted ¬(Pc). PROBLEM 2-3 Identify the predicate in each of the sentences stated in Problem 2-1. SOLUTION 2-3 The predicates are “has layers,” “destroyed the barn,” “bought a computer,” and “is defective,” respectively.

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