Long-Wavelength Infrared Semiconductor Lasers by D. R. Vij(eds.)

By D. R. Vij(eds.)

Long-wavelength Infrared Semiconductor Lasers presents a complete evaluate of the present prestige of semiconductor coherent assets emitting within the mid-to far-infrared spectrum and their functions. It comprises 3 subject matters now not lined in any past publication: far-infrared emission from photo-mixers in addition to from hot-hole lasers, and InP-based lasers emitting past micrometers. Semiconductor lasers emitting at greater than micrometers have many purposes reminiscent of in hint fuel research, environmental tracking, and business technique keep watch over. due to very quick growth lately, till this e-book no accomplished info past scattered magazine articles is obtainable at present.Content:
Chapter 1 Coherent Semiconductor assets within the Long?Wavelength Infrared Spectrum (pages 1–17): Hong ok. Choi
Chapter 2 2?µm Wavelength Lasers using InP?based Strained?Layer Quantum Wells (pages 19–68): Manabu Mitsuhara and Mamoru Oishi
Chapter three Antimonide Mid?IR Lasers (pages 69–143): Linda J. Olafsen, I. Vurgaftman and J. R. Meyer
Chapter four Lead?Chalcogenide?based Mid?Infrared Diode Lasers (pages 145–216): Uwe Peter Schie?L, Joachim John and Patrick J. McCann
Chapter five InP and GaAs?Based Quantum Cascade Lasers (pages 217–278): Jerome Faist and Carlo Sirtori
Chapter 6 extensively Tunable Far?Infrared Hot?Hole Semiconductor Lasers (pages 279–350): Erik Brundermann
Chapter 7 non-stop THz iteration with Optical Heterodyning (pages 351–386): John C. Pearson, okay. A. McIntosh and S. Verghese

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14) DESIGN CONSIDERATION OF MQW ACTIVE REGION 27 Using Eqs. 14), we write the lattice constant along the growth direction as Ê C11 + 2C12 ˆ a^ = (1 + e ^ )as = 1 + e as . 15) As the value of (C11 + C12)/C11 is about two for InGaAsP alloys, the mismatch strain along the growth direction (e^) is twice as much as e. The elastic strain modifies the energy difference between the conduction and valence bands and the band structures [46]. In the unstrained situation the heavy-hole (HH) and light-hole (LH) bands degenerate at the G point, as shown in Fig.

Therefore the epitaxial growth must be rigorously controlled when fabricating 2-mm wavelength MQW lasers. The band-gap wavelength of QW also depends on the barrier composition. 7 shows the calculated band-gap wavelength as a function of well 30 2-mm WAVELENGTH LASERS EMPLOYING InP-BASED STRAINED-LAYER Fig. 8%. Fig. 5 mm. 5 mm. 47As is too low to prevent electron overflow from the well. On the other hand, the InGaAsP barriers, which have a relatively large potential energy, can suppress the electron overflow.

38, 201 (1997). 52. E. R. Brown, F. W. Smith, and K. A. McIntosh, “Coherent millimeter-wave generation by heterodyne conversion,” J. Appl. Phys. 1480 (1993). 53. S. Vergese, K. A. McIntosh, and R. R. Brown, “Highly tunable fiber-coupled photomixsers with coherent terahertz with diode lasers in low-temperature-grown GaAs,” IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech. 45, 1301 (1997). 54. E. R. Brown, “A photoconductive model for superior GaAs THz photomixers,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 75, 769 (1999). 55. S. Vergese, K.

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