Landscape Architecture by Simonds G.O

By Simonds G.O

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Carboard, plaster? It is said it is in concrete? ” Marie Dormoy, “Le Faux béton,” L’Amour de l’art, April 1929, 128. 22 Giedion, Building in France, 152. : MIT Press, 1995): 106–20. 24 S. de Mollins to Wilhelm Ritter, 14 March 1899, quoted by Simonnet, Le Béton, 67. , published several concrete theaters built in Los Angeles, including Grauman’s Metropolitan Theater. See his The Ferro-Concrete Style, 74–77. 26 He himself designed an advertisement in his Almanach d’architecture modern (Paris: G. p.

This microhistory of concrete architecture draws attention to how very discontinuous each of the major developments in concrete has been. Rather than learning from each development, we seem to develop each new principle just so far and then abruptly abandon it and set off on some wholly new trajectory. The theory of structural rationalism held that architecture developed progressively toward the refinement and perfection of structure—but with concrete, we have a field littered with truncated techniques.

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