Knowledge Processing and Applied Artificial Intelligence by Soumitra Dutta

By Soumitra Dutta

Supplying an evidence of AI thoughts and methods, this sensible booklet exhibits administration scholars and executives in industry/commerce how they could remedy company issues of AI applied sciences, and research the strategic influence of AI expertise on agencies. wisdom processing (AI) represents the following section within the evolution of knowledge know-how in enterprise

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There are several ways in which we can interpret this simple data. 2. Rule 1 specifies how we can interpret the data about fathers and mothers to determine siblings. Rule 2 specifies how the same data can be used to determine husband-wife relations. The father and mother relation data, together with the rules for interpreting data, constitute the knowledge base. Note that the knowledge base is extremely domain-specific. Rules 1 and 2 are only useful for determining specific family relationships.

It has to interact with the knowledge base and inference engine modules of the KBS, and display the appropriate (or requested) information to the user. Two important functions performed by the user interface module are (1) helping the user to access or modify the knowledge stored in the knowledge base, and (2) explaining the reasoning procedure adopted by the inference engine while obtaining a particular solution. The user interface component of most commercial KBSs includes sophisticated graphics for effective communication with the user.

Since 1987, American Express has been using a KB S called Authorized s Assistant (AA) for helping agents arrive at a yes/no decision. The AA system embodies the reasoning expertise of one of the most experienced agents at American Express. When faced with a certain credit request, it performs the requisite analyses and gives a yes/no recommendation within 90 seconds. The agent can then accept the AA system's recommendation, or ask for explanation about how the particular recommendation was reached, or override it.

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