Knowledge Based CAD and Microelectronics by Tony Holden

By Tony Holden

To completely take advantage of VLSI know-how, destiny CAD instruments have to practice a excessive percentage of the clever decision-making priceless for layout. it's crucial that those projects be vastly computerized in order that the highbrow load at the human clothier is lowered, permitting a extra effective use of his time and inventive talents. This booklet investigates the applicability of knowledge-based innovations to the issues of VLSI layout. issues lined comprise: an outline of knowledge-based concepts; an outline of labor illustrating the appliance of those recommendations to numerous VLSI layout projects; and a survey of workstations and software program on hand for developing knowledge-based structures. even if a lot of the cloth during this publication has been illustrated utilizing examples from microelectronic CAD, the problems and strategies were provided in one of these method as to lead them to beneficial to managers, designers and researchers who desire to research of some great benefits of knowledge-based strategies in functional purposes.

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The set of predicates of a first-order formula T is partitioned into three subsets (P; Q; Z). ) In order to be comparable, two models N and M need to have the same universe of interpretation and the same interpretation Chapter 2. Languagerestriction: Complexityof minimal reasoning 30 of functional symbols. Fixed predicates must also have the same extension in N and M. 1 ([Lifschitz, 1985b]) We write M _<(p;z) N if for each predicate p E P, the extension of p in M is a subset of the extension of p in N.

25 Chapter 1. man V person DHK HK DEF DHORN -"male V - . 1: Clauses that each class of formulae can represent Chapter 2 Language restriction" Complexity of minimal reasoning This chapter deals with the first strategy for achieving tractability in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: restricting the representational language. The framework in which we use this strategy is non-monotonic reasoning (NMR). NMR is a collection of formal systems developed in the AI community for capturing some aspects of common-sense reasoning such as reasoning with incomplete information.

Analogously, propositional entailment is co-NPcomplete. We recall that the best algorithms known for solving NP-complete or co-NP-complete problems require exponential time in the worst case, and that the following relations are conjectured: PC NP, PC co-NP, NP r co-NP. We will eventually refer to a particular type of computation called computation with oracles. If A denotes a complexity class, then an oracle for A is an abstract entity that can solve each problem in the class A. A Turing machine can consult an oracle, which means to write a query in an appropriate tape and go into a specific state; at this point the oracle gives the answer in a single computation step.

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