Jason the Rescuer: Infinity City by Douglas Kendall

By Douglas Kendall

Jason is known on INFINITY urban for rescuing misplaced spacecraft. INFINITY urban is an grand global equipped inside of a black gap, and Jason will want all its extremely excessive expertise for his most modern rescue venture: To sail out of the black gap aboard his exceptional gravitonic sailship, find, and rescue a misplaced send of complicated, genetically engineered colonists sure for a brand new world.His undertaking explodes with unforeseen difficulties: stowaways, the hazards of the quarter the place he believes the send is misplaced, and an enormous revelation concerning Jason's family and the attention-grabbing humans he encounters.This is the second e-book of the INFINITY urban sequence concerning the lives and fascinating adventures of individuals residing on an international inside of a black gap, a global of amazing extremely excessive expertise, faster-than-light, time-traveling gravitonic sailships, and complicated genetic engineering that reverses the getting older method.

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The heavy ball itself immediately altered a drifting player's course the moment it was caught or thrown. It was a thrilling game with many addicted followers. Whenever Dalton picked up something new, in his rapid education, that was particularly impressive, Jason would reward him with an extra-vehicular excursion. " Jason maintained three spacesuits fitted for himself, but these were too big for Dalton. However, Jason just happened to also maintain a few suits sized for women, which he had used in the past for entertainment purposes involving certain acquaintances he had made with personnel aboard disabled space vessels.

Was no regular shipping in this area due to the dangerous proximity of the Neighbors. There Jason looked up suddenly at Dalton, wagged his eyebrows up and down, and hissed "Could be a Militia Guard scout or ... " with a cunning grin. He then launched out of the living quarter for the pilot room. Dalton, excited and scared all at the same time, followed on his heels. " on the main viewscreen and strapped himself into the pilot chair and ordered Dalton to do the same at his chair; it could be a bumpy ride if it turned into a chase; the local gravitonic currents -perhaps due to the whirlpool somewhere in the region -- had grown short and winding.

The original pirate sailship, much slower, was falling way behind. And then behind it ANOTHER sailship appeared. Jason ordered the computer to color all clone ships brown and Infinity City built ships red. The rapidly approaching ship turned red, the original ship turned brown, there was a pause while the computer awaited data from the radar system. The newest ship turned red! And yes, it was shooting down the gravitonic current just as fast as the one already approaching Jason -- No! It was faster, and within moments it passed the slower brown colored sailship.

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