Introduction to Space Charge Effects in Semiconductors by Karl W. Böer (auth.)

By Karl W. Böer (auth.)

This booklet is the main complete one to explain the fundamentals of space-charge results in semiconductors, ranging from simple rules to complex program in semiconducting units. It makes use of designated analyses of the delivery, Poisson, and continuity equations to illustrate the habit of the answer curves of the total set of box and present distributions, besides quantitative descriptions of the proper band types of ordinary pn-junction and Schottky barrier units. It emphasizes the relevance to real units and units those effects except extra basic versions of networks of diodes and resistors. The ebook is mainly vital for individuals drawn to aspect research of sun cells and their efficiencies.

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3 The Schottky Barrier Summary. A metal of sufficiently high work function causes the electron density of an n-type semiconductor to be much lower than determined by its doping in the bulk, causing a space charge near the electrode. The bias-induced shift and deformation of this space charge determines the corresponding changes in the current. An understanding of this interrelation is the key for deriving the current–voltage characteristics of such a Schottky barrier device. In this chapter, we will analyze the space charge induced by the metal– semiconductor boundary and its deformation by an applied bias, yielding the typical diode characteristics.

The injection current has a similar behavior in forward bias as the current in a vacuum diode. Some of the basic phenomena of space-charge development of inhomogeneously doped semiconductors can be studied in a rather transparent fashion in an nn+ -junction and provide clues for the understanding of the operation of a variety of semiconductor devices. (r) List a number of examples where nn+ -junctions (or pp+ -junctions) occur unintentionally in semiconductor devices. What is the purpose of such junctions when they are created intentionally?

10) kT LD 2 e an expression that is sometimes helpful. 20), which is a characteristic length for changing ψn (x) and F (x) (see Sect. 2). 5 6 A comparison with the previously discussed example of majority carrier injection, in which n Nd , presents the other alternative for the two cases for which the discussion of this one-carrier space-charge distribution can be drastically simplified. 1 The Classical Schottky Barrier 45 Fig. 2. 1. 14). 7) with (x) = e[Nd − n(x)] in the Poisson equation. Near the electrode this approximation is quite satisfactory (see Sect.

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