IBS For Dummies (For Dummies (Health & Fitness)) by Carolyn, MD, ND Dean, L. Christine, MA Wheeler

By Carolyn, MD, ND Dean, L. Christine, MA Wheeler

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Onset associated with a change in frequency of stool; and/or 3. ” For many people, this last item is an ongoing source of discomfort. Bloating can occur to such an extent that a woman with IBS actually appears to be pregnant. Living the Symptoms IBS has a way of interfering with your quality of life. By that we mean your home life, your work, sleep, social life, travel, diet, and sex. Did we miss anything? Oh yes, IBS also creates a financial burden, costing you directly for medical expenses and indirectly for time off work or school and lost productivity.

Gas with no way out will cause you to bloat and cause your bowel to stretch, creating abdominal pain (the most frequent symptom of IBS). The Italian researchers say that when gas stretches the rectal area of the bowel, the pain activates certain areas of the brain, which makes people feel more symptoms. What they don’t say, however, is why this problem occurs — what is causing this inability to expel gas in the first place? Here’s our two cents about this theory: People with IBS are fully aware of the phenomenon of sharting.

We tackle the definition of functional here. We know that the symptoms of IBS are real. Some people with IBS-diarrhea have 10 to 15 bowel movements a day and all the associated painful cramps, gas, bloating, and social discomfort. But IBS does not damage the colon; there is no bleeding, no ulcer, and no tumor. Therefore, it’s not a diagnosable structural disease. Perhaps, in the future, a blood test or a tissue sample of an Chapter 2: Classifying the Condition IBS colon will help to identify the ailment, but until then, the condition is labeled a functional disorder.

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