i -Net+ Study Guide, 2nd Edition by David Groth, Dorothy McGee

By David Groth, Dorothy McGee

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B. A star topology has 1 central device, in this case the hub, that the other network devices attach to. A ring topology has each networking device connected to its neighboring network device. Don’t confuse the two topologies. See Chapter 1 for more details. 9. A. True. Every network device that connects to the Internet must have an IP address. The IP address functions as a unique identifier for that machine. For more information on IP addresses, see Chapter 4. 10. C. SLIP and PPP are protocols that are used for remote access, but they are not generally used to connect via xDSL technologies.

20. B. A Hyperlink is a line of text that, when clicked, will take you to another page. For more information see Chapter 4. 21. A. A bastion host is a firewall configuration on a computer that has two network interface cards (NICs). One NIC connects directly to the network, and the other NIC connects directly to your internal network. It is the least expensive configuration for a firewall, and also the least secure. See Chapter 5 for more information. com Answers to Assessment Test liv 22. B. To establish a relationship between two tables in a relational data- base is to do a join.

A wide area network, or WAN, is any network that crosses metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries. Most networking professionals define a WAN as any network that uses routers and public network links. The Internet fits both definitions. WANs differ from LANs in the following ways: WANs cover greater distances than LANS or MANs. WAN speeds are slower than LAN speeds. LANs are limited in size and scope; WANs are not. WANs can be connected on demand or can be permanently connected. LANs have permanent connections between stations.

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