Hegel’s Dialectical Logic by Ermanno Bencivenga

By Ermanno Bencivenga

This transparent, obtainable account of Hegelian good judgment makes a case for its huge, immense seductiveness, its amazing presence within the collective awareness, and the hazards linked therewith. delivering entire assurance of Hegel's very important works, Bencivenga avoids getting slowed down in short-lived scholarly debates to supply a piece of everlasting importance and usefulness.

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Met. 1655) However, such speechlessness is a ruse (not necessarily intended, of course). For let us review the main steps: Our problem is how Socrates-at-t1 can be one and the same thing as Socrates-at-t2, as opposed to their being two distinct things equivocally referred to by ‘‘the same’’ name. The alleged solution of the problem is to claim that, though Socrates-at-t1 has different properties from Socrates-att2, the former is-potentially what the latter is-actually, and beingpotentially is ‘‘somehow’’ the same as being-actually.

48 three spiritual movement C The ambiguity surrounding my use of the word ‘‘story’’ has c already surfaced: On the one hand, a story is supposed to pro- vide whatever content a concept has (and the universal story should supply the content of the one and only concept there ultimately is)— which is in principle compatible with such a story being haphazard and messy, and even making no sense at all. On the other hand, the latter is definitely not the kind of story Hegel has in mind; in fact, if the story allegedly telling the truth about the world (history, that is) were to reduce to something like that, he would insist that there is no truth to it.

Two a semantics of narratives C In the preface to the second edition of Hegel’s Science of Logic c we read the following: Some . . [German] words . . possess the . . peculiarity of having not only different but opposite meanings so that one cannot fail to recognize a speculative spirit of the language in them: it can delight a thinker to come across such words and to find the union of opposites naively shown in the dictionary as one word with opposite meanings, although this result of speculative thinking is nonsensical to the understanding.

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