Handbook of Avian Anatomy : Nomina Anatomica Avium by Julian J. Baumel

By Julian J. Baumel

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89, 90) Proc . craniolateralis ste rni 150 Impressio m. sternocoracoidei Annot. 86) CORACOIDEUM [OS CORACOIDEUM] (Fig. 4. 1 0) Extremitas omalis coracoidei171a Proc. acrocoracoideusl71a Margo cranialis carinae Crista lateralis carinae 161 Crista mediana carinae Pila carinae 161 Sulcus carinae 161 Margo ventralis carinae Margo medialis Foramen [Incisura] n. supracoracoidei Facies articularis c1avicularis Impressio ligo Linea intermuscularis ventralis174 acrocoracohumeralis Thberculum brachiale 171 b Proc.

3), c10sed in life by Membrana tympanica secundaria. The avian and marnmalian fenestrae are considered nonhomologous (de Beer, 1937); hence the term Fenestra pseudorotunda. Fenestra vestibuli. Synonymy : Fenestra ovalis. This opening into the vestibule of the osseous labyrinth is occupied by the footplate (base) of the Columella (see Seos. Fig. 7). (23) Recessus pneumatici paratympanici (Resp. Annot. 2 1 ). Collective term for the three major, consistentIy occurring, air mled evaginations of the tympanic cavity into the surrounding bones; namely, the rostral, caudal , and dorsal tympanic recesses.

U 3 e .... 1 0 mm � � .... < iJ ro ::J ro � � .... � -u ID Ol � o (") "O ro ID - .... ID Ol 3 � (") Ol "O e O" ;:J" e ID '< Ol -u en � Ol ro ::J < � ro '< Ol -u Fig. 10. Dorsal view of the pteryla of the wing in the Red-throated Bee-eater (Merops bulockl). FuI! names for abbrevi­ ated terms listed here in alphabetical order: Pteryla scapulohumeralis, Remex carpalis, Remiges alulae, Remiges primarii, Remiges secundarii, Tectrices dorsales alulae, Tectrices dorsales propatagii, Tectrices marginales dorsales manus, Tec­ trices primariae dorsales majores/mediae, Tectrices secundariae dorsales majores/mediae/minores; Tectrices tertiariae dorsales, Tectrix carpalis dorsalis.

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