Hadrosaurs by David A. Eberth

By David A. Eberth

Hadrosaurs―also referred to as duck-billed dinosaurs―are plentiful within the fossil checklist. With their certain advanced jaws and the teeth ideally fitted to shred and chunk crops, they flourished in the world in impressive range in the course of the past due Cretaceous. So ubiquitous are their continues to be that we have got discovered extra approximately dinosaurian paleobiology and paleoecology from hadrosaurs than we now have from the other team. lately, hadrosaurs were within the highlight. Researchers around the globe were learning new specimens and new taxa looking to extend and make clear our wisdom of those excellent beasts. This quantity provides the result of a world symposium on hadrosaurs, subsidized through the Royal Tyrrell Museum and the Royal Ontario Museum, the place scientists and scholars accumulated to percentage their learn and their ardour for duck-billed dinosaurs. A uniquely accomplished therapy of hadrosaurs, the ebook encompasses not just the well known hadrosaurids right, but in addition Hadrosaouroidea, permitting the previous workforce to be evaluated in a broader point of view. The 36 chapters are divided into six sections―an assessment, new insights into hadrosaur origins, hadrosaurid anatomy and edition, biogeography and biostratigraphy, functionality and progress, and protection, tracks, and traces―followed by means of an afterword via Jack Horner.

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Skeletal reconstruction based primarily upon the articulated, albeit crushed and distorted, skeleton from Bernissart, RBINS R57 (formerly IRSNB 1551 [after Norman, 1986]). ╇ Iguanodon bernissartensis Boulenger, 1881. Skull reconstruction, in lateral view, based on several of the Bernissart specimens (from Norman, 1980:fig. 2). anteriorly, with prominent horizontal caudal ribs and large chevron facets. More posteriorly in the caudal series, the loss of the caudal ribs and diminution of size often result in a change of centrum morphology from hexagonal cylinders to elongate, round cylinders.

Maxillary teeth have narrower crowns than dentary teeth and have an extremely prominent distally offset primary ridge. Vertebrae╇ Cervical vertebrae exhibit the following characteristics: strongly opisthocoelous; low cylinders with ventral keels and a mid-height ridge that is expanded near the anterior condylar margin to form a parapophysis; neural arch develops a small midline spine lateral to which are prominent, stout diapophyses for the attachment of ribs; prezygapophyses are widely spaced and do not project beyond the articular margin of the centrum, whereas the postzygapophyses Iguanodonts from the Wealden of England are long, arched, and divergent (and overlap the succeeding centrum).

19) is based primarily upon the proportions of the holotype skeleton (NHMUK R5764) and that of the referred skeleton (RBINS R57). The pectoral girdle and forelimb are notably less robust than those seen in either of the Valanginian taxa. IGUANODON Mantell, 1825 IGUANODON BERNISSARTENSIS Boulenger (in Beneden, 1881) Although extremely well known in mainland Europe, where more than 30 complete and partial skeletons have been recovered in Belgium, Germany, France, and Spain, Iguanodon bernissartensis is comparatively rare in Britain.

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