Great World Religions: Islam by Prof. John L. Eposito

By Prof. John L. Eposito

Collage professor and overseas govt and media advisor John L. Esposito courses you thru the proof and myths surrounding Islam and its greater than 1.2 billion adherents. How well-known are you with the world's moment greatest and fastest-growing faith? Many within the West recognize little in regards to the religion and are time-honored in basic terms with the activities of a minority of radical extremists

This direction may help you higher comprehend Islam's position as either a faith and a life-style, and its deep impression on global affairs either traditionally and this day. you will need to comprehend what Muslims think, and likewise how their ideals are performed privately and publicly as contributors in addition to individuals of a bigger community

Learning approximately Islam: What Does the longer term Hold?

What does the longer term carry for Islam and the West within the new century? How will it switch less than the effect of conservatives, reformers, and extremists?

"The concentration of this path should be to higher comprehend Islam's function as a faith and as a fashion of life," says Professor Esposito. "In 12 lectures, relocating from Muhammad to the current, from the seventh to the twenty first centuries, we are going to discover Muslim ideals, practices, and background within the context of its importance and impression on Muslim lifestyles and society during the a long time, in addition to international occasions today."

You will examine about:

Muslim ideals approximately different faiths
Whether the Quran condones terrorism and what it says approximately God
The contributions to arithmetic, technological know-how, and artwork made by means of a flourishing Islamic civilization
The position of girls in Islam
Whether Islam is suitable with modernization, capitalism, and democracy.

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2003 The Teaching Company Limited Partnership 27 2. 3. Many of Sufism’s characteristics find similar experiences in Christianity and other faiths, such as monasteries, distinctive garb, ascetic practices, litanies, and saints. The Whirling Dervishes represent Sufism’s most famous use of music and dance to induce states of mystic communication. III. Today, Sufism remains a strong spiritual presence and force in Muslim societies, in both private and public life, and enjoys a wide following in Europe and America, attracting many converts to Islam.

A. The ideological worldviews of revivalists shared several points in common: 1. The purpose of pre-modernist revivalists was not to reinterpret Islam to yield new solutions but to return to the pure and pristine vision of Islam, preserved in the Quran and Sunnah, and to reestablish an authentic Islamic community modeled on the Prophet and his early companions. For this reason, these types of revivals have been referred to as fundamentalist movements. 2. The process involved the creation of a socio-moral reform movement governed by Islamic law, a religious community-state of “true believers,” in contrast to existing societies that were no longer truly Islamic.

E. Other extremists were convicted in America and Europe for terrorist acts, such as the bombing of New York’s World Trade Center in 1993, of the American barracks in Saudi Arabia in 1995, and of American embassies in Africa in 1998, leading some governments and analysts to identify “Islamic fundamentalism” as a major threat to global stability. Supplementary Reading: John L. ,” The Oxford History of Islam. ———, Unholy War: Terror in the Name of Islam, chapter 4. John O. Voll, Islam: Continuity and Change in the Muslim World, chapters 6–7.

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