God’s gravediggers: Why no deity exists by Raymond D Bradley

By Raymond D Bradley

Few can provide a more matured view on faith than Raymond Bradley. Having been raised as a ‘winner of souls for Christ’ within the Forties, he spent the following forty years as an atheist professor of philosophy and an outspoken critic/debater of religion.

Revered for his paintings in common sense and his meticulous method of debate, God’s Gravediggers is Bradley’s coup de grâce to faith. A career’s worthy of labor on a subject matter which could not often be extra very important. forthcoming the ethical, logical and clinical arguments – utilizing wealthy analogies, rational arguments and examples that non-academics could comprehend – he explores not just even if God exists, but additionally what harm the concept that of God does. A well timed booklet in an age of non secular fundamentalism, hatred and conflict.

“Bradley doesn't gloss over tough issues of good judgment and reasoning. A excitement to read.”
Professor Graham Oppy, Chair of Council of the Australasian organization of Philosophy

“Bradley's strong point is good judgment and he brings that to endure in the course of the paintings. it's well-written and punctiliously soaking up. i've got not anything yet compliment for his project.”
Theodore Drange, Professor Emeritus, West Virginia University

“From a tender person's rejection of Christianity, to a mature philosopher's cogent critique of all religions. This compelling safety of atheism is an excellent read.”
Professor Robert Nola, college of Auckland.

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So the Gospel accounts certainly can't be relied upon. Second, I learned that independent historical evidence of Jesus' very existence, let alone his alleged date of birth, simply does not exist. In his book Jesus Christ: Man or Myth5 published many years afterward, Blaiklock confessed: "Jesus is authenticated in no other way, outside the gospels, save by [first century] Josephus and a sentence in a Roman historian [first century, Tacitus]" But he didn't do justice to the fact that most New Testament scholars regard the passages in Josephus as interpolations originating in the fourth century.

3 Only then did I realize that there was a serious issue here: one of which I'd had still earlier inklings when I'd thought of the tales in Bible Stories for Children as somehow akin to fairy stories, or (at the very least) to the ahistorical tales of King Arthur, for whom also I could find no dates. E. For wasn't that the year that was supposed (by us in the West, anyway) to be the turning point of human history: the year in which God came down to Earth? It took me years to discover just how questionable this presupposition is.

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