Gods from Outer Space: Return to the Stars, or Evidence for by Erich von Daniken

By Erich von Daniken

Erich von Daeniken has a really fascinating method of investigating the origins of the human race (do we come from the outer space?). he's not an informed archaeologist - he's an hotelier with nice curiosity in historical past of human race, of its origins. he's able to commute anywhere there's something attention-grabbing to be noticeable and never but totally defined by means of modern science.
He doesn't declare that what he says is the reality (unlike many of us who write those forms of alternative-history books) - he merely increases questions, brings forth very attention-grabbing findings

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Rings, stars, spheres, many-coloured rays and figures of 'gods'. Circles and spheres, apparently strategically distributed, are found in countless places throughout the world. To sum up: all spheres and circles—whether in creation myths, prehistoric drawings or later reliefs and paintings— represent 'god' or the 'godhead'. The rays are generally directed earthwards. In my opinion, this universal custom should give us something to think about. A ceremonial wood plaque from central Australia now in the National Museum of Victoria.

The worms were allowed a break of two hours before they were put on the rack again. Then it turned out that they had not forgotten that they must expect an electric shock after the light came on. They curled up after it was switched on even if the expected shock did not come. Next the two patient investigators cut the worms into small pieces and waited for a month until the parts had regenerated to complete worms. Then they were returned to the test trough and the desk lamp was switched on at irregular intervals.

Everything was a big silent void. ' Could the account be more pertinent? Do we have to leave it to a primitive man in a loincloth, who lives on coconuts and fish, and has absolutely no technical knowledge, to explain to us what it looks like in space? But let Te-Yho-a-te-Pange go on talking: '... Then the void began to move and turned into Po. ' Have we reached the solar system now, have we entered the field of the orbits of the planets? ) Darkness still reigned. A sphere—called Po here—became visible.

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