Gluthione transferases and gamma-glutamyl transpeptidases by H Sies; Lester Packer

By H Sies; Lester Packer

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Pasteur pipets (dropping pipets) $150 mm  6 mm id, loosely plugged at tapered end with cotton wool. 2. HPLC equipment (providing at least UV monitor at 214 nm, two solvent gradient system, 1–2 ml injection loop, and integrating capability). 3. com C18, ˚ pore ‘‘Jupiter’’ column; 6‐mm internal diameter, 250‐mm 300A length, 5 M particle size (product number OOG‐4053‐EO). C. GSH‐affinity chromatography (all steps at 4 ) 1. Load GSH agarose suspension into plugged pipet to depth of $13 mm when drained.

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