Geršgorin and His Circles by Richard S. Varga (auth.)

By Richard S. Varga (auth.)

TheGer? sgorin CircleTheorem, averywell-known resultin linear algebra this day, stems from the paper of S. Ger? sgorin in 1931 (which is reproduced in AppendixD)where,givenanarbitraryn×ncomplexmatrix,easyarithmetic operationsontheentriesofthematrixproducendisks,inthecomplexplane, whose union comprises all eigenvalues of the given matrix. the wonder and ease of Ger? sgorin’s Theorem has absolutely encouraged extra learn during this zone, leading to thousands of papers within which the identify “Ger? sgorin” looks. The target of this publication is to offer a cautious and up to date remedy of varied facets of this subject. the writer ?rst realized of Ger? sgorin’s effects from pleasant conversations with Olga Taussky-Todd and John Todd, which galvanized me to paintings during this area.Olgawasclearlypassionateaboutlinearalgebraandmatrixtheory,and her path-?nding leads to those parts have been like a magnet to many, together with this writer! it's the author’s desire that the consequences, awarded right here on themes concerning Ger? sgorin’s Theorem, may be of curiosity to many. This e-book is a?ectionately devoted to my mentors, Olga Taussky-Todd and John Todd. There are major routine subject matters which the reader will see during this ebook. The ?rst ordinary topic is nonsingularity theorem for a mat- ces supplies upward push to an an identical eigenvalue inclusion set within the complicated airplane for matrices, and conversely. notwithstanding universal wisdom this day, this used to be now not well known till decades after Ger? sgorin’s paper seemed. That those goods, nonsingularity theorems and eigenvalue inclusion units, move hand-in-hand, may be frequently obvious during this book.

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J=1 Show that each of these norms give rise to the same set Gφ (A; B) in the complex plane, as shown in Fig. 9. (The eigenvalues of A are also shown in Fig. ”) x 2. 57) is a norm on Cn . 3. 25. 4. For the matrices ⎡ ⎤ 1 0 0 A=⎣ 1 5 1 ⎦ 1 1 5 verify that if φ is the ∞ -norm ⎡ ⎤ 1 0 0 and B = ⎣ 0 5 0 ⎦ 0 0 5 on C3 , then 30 1. Basic Theory z ∈C : z∈ / σ(B) and (zI −B)−1 (A−B) φ ≥1 = {z ∈ C : |z−5| ≤ 2}, which does not contain the spectrum, σ(A) = {1, 4, 6}, of A. 48) to insure that Gϕ (A; B) covers the spectrum of A.

48) alone contained all the eigenvalues of A. See Exercise 4 of this section for a counterexample. 22. For any A ∈ Cn×n , and any B ∈ Cn×n , let ϕ be any norm on Cn . Then (cf. 48)), σ(A) ⊆ Gϕ (A; B). 49), is an eigenvalue inclusion set for any matrix A. We now deduce some settheoretic properties of Gϕ (A; B). 23. For any A ∈ Cn×n , and any B ∈ Cn×n let ϕ be any norm on Cn . 48)), Gϕ (A; B) is a closed and bounded set in C. Proof. We first show that Gϕ (A; B) is bounded. Suppose that z ∈ Gϕ (A; B) −1 with z ∈ σ(B), so that 1 ≤ (zIn − B) (A − B) ϕ .

33). 33), we describe below a modest extension of an important work of Brualdi (1982), which introduced the notion of a cycle3 , from the directed graph of A, to obtain an eigenvalue inclusion region for any A. This extension is also derived from properties of the directed graph of the matrix A. 2, on n distinct vertices {vi }ni=1 , which consists of a → (directed) arc − v− i vj , from vertex vi to vertex vj , only if ai,j = 0. ) A strong cycle γ in G(A) is defined as a sequence {ij }p+1 j=1 of integers in N such that p ≥ 2, the elements −−−−−→ −→ v− of {ij }pj=1 are all distinct with ip+1 = i1 , and − i1 vi2 , · · · , vip vip+1 are arcs of G(A).

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