Geochemical Transformations of Sedimentary Sulfur by Murthy A. Vairavamurthy, Martin A.A. Schoonen

By Murthy A. Vairavamurthy, Martin A.A. Schoonen

content material: Geochemical ameliorations of sedimentary sulfur : an creation / Murthy A. Vairavamurthy, Wilson L. Orr, and Bernard Manowitz --
function of sulfur within the ameliorations of sedimentary natural topic : a mechanistic assessment / Zeev Aizenshtat, Eitan B. Krein, Murthy A. Vairavamurthy, and Ted P. Goldstein --
Sulfur alterations in early diagenetic sediments from the Bay of belief, off Chile / Murthy A. Vairavamurthy, Shengke Wang, Bandana Khandelwal, Bernard Manowitz, Timothy Ferdelman, and Henrik Fossing --
natural geochemistry of sulfur-rich floor sediments of meromictic Lake Cadagno, Swiss Alps / Anke Putschew, Barbara M. Scholz-Böttcher, and Jürgen Rullkötter --
impression of sulphur cross-linking at the molecular-size distribution of sulphur-rich macromolecules in bitumen / Stefan Schouten, Timothy I. Eglinton, Jaap S. Sinninghe Damsté, and Jan W. de Leeuw --
Alkanoic subunits in sulfur-rich geomacromolecules : details from stepwise chemical degradation and compound-specific isotopic research / J. Hefter, V. Hauke, H.H. Richnow, and W. Michaelis --
Proposed thermal pathways for sulfur adjustments in natural macromolecules : laboratory simulation experiments / Eitan B. Krein and Zeev Aizenshtat --
differences in natural sulfur speciation in the course of maturation of Monterey Shale : constraints from laboratory experiments / Bryan C. Nelson, Timothy I. Eglinton, Jeffrey S. Seewald, Murthy A. Vairavamurthy, and Francis P. Miknis --
Chemistry of iron sulfides in sedimentary environments / David Rickard, Martin A.A. Schoonen, and G.W. Luther, III --
Reactions forming pyrite from prompted amorphous ferrous sulfide / Yoko Furukawa and H.L. Barnes --
Laboratory simulation of pyrite formation in anoxic sediments / Qiwei Wang and John W. Morse --
Environmental controls on iron sulfide mineral formation in a coastal undeniable estuary / Jeffrey C. Cornwell and Peter A. Sampou --
Digestion strategies for deciding on decreased sulfur species in bacterial cultures and in historic and up to date sediments / R.E. Allen and R.J. Parkes --
Oxidation of hydrogen sulfide by way of Mn(IV) and Fe(III) (hydr)oxides in seawater / Wensheng Yao and Frank H. Millero --
Characterization of a brief +2 sulfur oxidation kingdom intermediate from the oxidation of aqueous sulfide / Murthy A. Vairavamurthy and Weiqing Zhou --
Temporal courting of thiols to inorganic sulfur compounds in anoxic Chesapeake Bay sediment porewater / William MacCrehan and Damian Shea --
The distribution of loose natural sulfur compounds in sediments from the Nördlinger Ries, southern Germany / Assem O. Barakat and Jürgen Rullkötter --
Sulfate incorporation into sedimentary carbonates / Wilfried J. Staudt and Martin A.A. Schoonen --
³⁵S-radiolabeling to probe biogeochemical biking of sulfur / Henrik Fossing --
Microbial assimilation and dissimilation of sulfonate sulfur / A.P. Seitz and E.R. Leadbetter --
Isotopic proof for the starting place of natural sulfur and elemental sulfur in marine sediments / Thomas F. Anderson and Lisa M. Pratt --
sturdy sulfur isotopic compositions of chromium-reducible sulfur in lake sediments / Brian Fry, Anne Giblin, Mark Dornblaser, and Bruce Peterson --
Kinetic controls on thermochemical sulfate aid as a resource of sedimentary H₂S / Martin B. Goldhaber and Wilson L. Orr --
Controls at the starting place and distribution of elemental sulfur, H₂S, and CO₂ in Paleozoic hydrocarbon reservoirs in Western Canada / Ian Hutcheon, H. Roy Krouse, and Hugh J. Abercrombie --
Devonian Nisku bitter fuel play, Canada : a distinct usual laboratory for learn of thermochemical sulfate relief / H.G. Machel, H. Roy Krouse, L.R. Riciputi, and D.R. Cole.

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However, Froelich et al. 6 for all samples, including those in the upper few centimeters of the sediment; therefore, they speculated that the C/N ratio is somewhat reset a little from the planktonic value immediately upon incorporation into the sediment column. 's value and the data from Martens et al. and our work is unclear. The maintenance of the Redfield ratio for C/N in the solid phase throughout the entire depth of the sediment column suggests that processes controlling the diagenesis of organic matter in the Bay of Concepcion have not altered the relative abundance of carbon to nitrogen in the bulk insoluble organic matter.

35. Kohnen, M . E. L . ; SinningheD a m s t é ,J. ; ten Haven, H . L . ; Kock-van Dalen, A. ; de Leeuw, J. Geochimica and Geochimica Acta 1991, 55, 3685-3695. 36. ; Manassen, J. Inorg. Chem. 1986, 25, 2486-2489. 37. Rowland, S. ; Wolff, G. A. Org. Geochem. 1993, 20, 1-5. 38. Kohnen, M . E. L . ; SinningheD a m s t é ,J. ; Kock-van Dalen, A. ; ten Haven, H . L . ; de Leeuw, J. W. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 1990, 54, 3053-3063. 39. ; Huc, A. Y. In Geochemistry of sulfur in fossil fuels; W. L . Orr and C.

Hydrogen sulfide is another possible source for the re-incorporation of sulfur in oils. Ho and coworkers (58) described the occurrence of high thiol mature oils, and explained this phenomenon by H S incorporation. Orr (70) suggested three sources of hydrogen sulfide in oil reservoirs: (a) microbial reduction of sulfate in low temperature reservoirs (<50°C), (b) thermal cleavage from organic matter as described above, and (c) high-temperature thermochemical sulfate reduction (TSR). Orr also pointed out that the thermal maturation of oil in the absence of sulfate may cause a continued decrease in sulfur content, while thermal maturation in the presence of sulfate in high-temperature reservoirs (>80-120°C) may result in competing sulfurization and desulfurization in the oils, which can give them an abnormally high thiol content.

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