Ferroelectricity: The Fundamentals Collection by Julio A. Gonzalo, Basilio Jimenez

By Julio A. Gonzalo, Basilio Jimenez

This necessary choice of seminal papers on ferroelectricity offers an outline over nearly 100 years of uncomplicated and utilized examine. Containing old contributions from popular authors, this e-book provides advancements in a space of technology that remains speedily growing to be. even supposing essentially geared toward scientists and lecturers interested in examine, it will even be of use to scholars in addition to beginners to the sphere.

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65 kilocalories r mole in fair agreement with the value found in Eq. 4 Theoretical Modelfor Explainingthe Ferroelectric Effect in Barium Titanate - W. P. Mason, B. T. Matthias 129 1624 W . P . M A S O N A N D B . T. M A T T H I A S 7000 boo0 c 5000 t' z do00 U U 5 3000 c Y w 0 2000 1000 0 -1bO -120 -80 -40 0 40 TEYCCRlTURE IN DECREES C 80 120 FIL 4. Dielectric constants for the two crystallographic axes for multi-domain crystals of barium titanate. 70. 2 X loocycles. The relaxation of the dielectric constant a t these frequencies shows definitely that the high dielectric constant is due to a temperature movable dipole rather than a high dielectric constant of the type due to the near vanishing of the factor (1 - f l y ) in the dielectric equation r-1 -=- 4* N I / N 2=eBIkT (4) where y is the polarizability and fl the Lorentz fartor, since the polarizability y due to electrons, ions and atoms should not vary with frequency up to the infra-red frequencies.

Let us first consider the condition for spontaneous polarization and the ferroelectric effect. This can be obtained by setting E , equal to zero and determining the conditions for which the polarization P, is different from zero. Setting E , equal to zero and introducing the substitution A =C0N1~’/(1-0r)ll/kT. 6 ? 8. 9. Theoretical curve for ratio of spontaneous polarization P . to the total polarization Nu a s a function of the factor A . 8 W : P . , F s o n , “Electrostrictiveeffect in hariuni titanate ceramics, Phys.

66) can be written in the form field strength than this. For such a crystal a typical field strength polarization curve is as P. sinhC(AEz/BNd +(APz/Np)l -= * (68) shown by Fig. 13. When the voltage is in the direction of the spontaneous polarization, the N P 2 +cash C (AEIBNp) ( Ap1/Nrc)1 curve has a tail toward the right hand side that is Now, since AEz/BNp is going to be a very small considerably different from the rounded relation quantity for any field that can be applied, this on the left hand side.

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