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G. g. g. g. g. the Joneses, the Rogerses, the two Charleses. ° -es should not be replaced by an apostrophe, as the Jones'. 2. g. ladies, soliloquies, spies. g. the Willoughbys, the three Marys; also trilbys, lay-bys, standbys, zlotys (Polish currency). 3. ') innuendoes charges salvos buffaloes mangoes = reservations, calicoes mementoes excuses) cargoes mosquitoes stuccoes dingoes mottoes tomatoes dominoes Negroes tornadoes echoes noes torpedoes embargoes peccadilloes vetoes goes porticoes volcanoes grottoes Words not in this list add only -s.

Fetal, fetus fogy forbade (past tense of forbid) forestall for ever for always forever continually forty fount (type) ° Amer. font fungous (adjective) fungus (noun) furore ° Amer. furor fusilier fusillade gaol (official use ° Amer. jail (both forms found in Brit. literary use) gaoler (as for gaol) gauge (measure) gazump ° not gazoomph, etc. com for more details grandad granddaughter grayling (fish, butterfly) grey ° Amer. gray griffin fabulous creature ° not gryphon griffon vulture, dog grill for cooking grille grating grisly terrible grizzly grey-haired; bear groin (anatomy; architecture) grommet ° not grummet groyne breakwater guerrilla guild association gybe (nautical) ° Amer.

Almighty, almost, etc. com for more details Exception: Before -ness, -ll remains in dullness, fullness. ° In Amer. spelling ll is usual in skillful, thralldom, willful. g. earth, earthly; part, partly; sad, sadly. With certain words one of the following spelling changes may be required: 1. g. fully, shrilly. 2. g. ably, singly, terribly. Exception: supplely (distinguished from the noun and verb supply). 3. g. drily, happily. Exceptions: shyly, slyly, spryly, wryly. 4. g. matily. 5. g. basically, scientifically.

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