Encyclopedia of Geobiology (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences by Joachim Reitner, Volker Thiel

By Joachim Reitner, Volker Thiel

Geobiology is a hugely cross-disciplinary box that explores the current and previous relationships that lifestyles has with non-living subject. Biosphere meets Geosphere maybe such a lot parsimoniously describes the elemental notion of Geobiology. In 1991, Peter Westbroek, a Dutch paleontologist and influential protagonist of Geobiology outlined the sphere in a publication entitled lifestyles as a Geological strength: Dynamics of the Earth, hence motivating a brand new frame of mind within the geosciences. His primary paintings on strategies of biomineralization in coccolithophorid algae (Westbroek and de Jong, 1983) significantly contributed to the certainty of metabolic methods controlling mineral formation. Westbroek’s pondering was once stimulated by means of James Lovelock’s Gaia idea (Lovelock, 1988) which encouraged the significance of organic procedures with reference to international switch over the years. different early pioneers of the Geobiology notion have been the Russian scientist Georgy Adamovich Nadson (1903), who recognized microorganisms as geological brokers, and the Swiss geologists Johannes Neher and Ernst Rohrer who came across the function of microbes in dolomite formation (Neher and Rohrer 1958) and their presence within the deep biosphere of crystalline rocks (Neher and Rohrer 1959). In 1971, the German geoscientist Gerd Luttig brought a brand new self-discipline that merged points of geology and biology and referred to as it Lithobiontik.

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2004). The acetyl-CoA Wood–Ljungdahl pathway The acetyl-CoA pathway is a reductive, linear, “onecarbon” process (Figure 1) in contrast to cyclic CO2-fixing processes (Calvin cycle, reductive tricarboxylic acid cycle, and hydroxypropionate cycle). V. 2011 2 ACETOGENS 2002; Russel and Martin, 2004). It has been proposed that biochemistry started when marine CO2 from volcanoes and hydrothermal H2 met at a hydrothermal vent rich in metal sulfides, where an analogue of the exergonic acetyl-CoA pathway catalyzed the synthesis of organic precursors to fuel primordial biochemical reactions.

Novel strains of Moorella thermoacetica form unusually heat-resistant spores. Archives of Microbiology, 174, 334–339. , Seitz, H. , Mayer, H. , 1989. Hydrogen turnover by psychrotrophic homoacetogenic and mesophilic methanogenic bacteria in anoxic paddy soil and lake sediment. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 62, 285–294. , Coulter, E. , Kurtz, D. , and Ljungdahl, L. , 2001. Five-gene cluster in Clostridium thermoaceticum consisting of two divergent operons encoding rubredoxin oxidoreductaserubredoxin and rubrerythrin-type A flavoprotein-highmolecular-weight rubredoxin.

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