Elwyn Simons: a search for origins by John G Fleagle, Christopher C. Gilbert

By John G Fleagle, Christopher C. Gilbert

For almost a part century, Dr. Simons has ruled the learn of primate evolution. This quantity summarizes the present kingdom of information in lots of elements of primate and human evolution which have been studied by means of Simons and his colleagues and position it in a broader paleontological and old point of view. The e-book comprises the result of new examine in addition to experiences of the various serious concerns in primate and human evolution over the past 1/2 the 20th century.

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This clearly recognizes the possibility of cladogenesis. ’’ It is evident, even to the point of using the same illustrations, that this article was the starting-off point for his Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution which was published 15 years later. At this time the only South African fossil evidence with which he was familiar was the Taung child’s skull. , 1936). He does not dismiss the possibility that creatures like Taung could be ancestral to Man, but suggests that if this is the case that ‘‘it must be accepted that the differentiation of man is to be referred back to a correspondingly early phase of the evolution of the higher primates’’ (Le Gros Clark, 1940a, p.

In 1945 and in a completely barbaric manner, when a group of Australian forces Sir Wilfrid Le Gros Clark 39 were almost at the point of reaching the prison camp to free the captives, the Japanese officers of the camp ordered that all the prisoners be shot, including Le Gros’ brother. Cyril, however, did find the chance, as Le Gros told me, to write a last message to his family, found scratched on a piece of bark and nailed to a tree. Although Sir Wilfrid’s papers in some bibliographies are listed under ‘‘Le Gros’’ he told me that it was not part of his surname but that for decades it was a tradition that males born in his family were given Le Gros as a middle name.

He had family connections there for his paternal grandfather, Frederick Le Gros Clark, who went on to become the President of the Royal College of Surgeons of England had been a distinguished consultant surgeon at St. Thomas’s Hospital and his maternal grandfather, Edward Clapton, had been a consultant physician at St. Thomas’s Hospital. Like Blundell’s School, St. Thomas’s Hospital Medical School had a reputation for sport, especially rugby, but Le Gros seems to have been at the more studious end of the spectrum for he writes that while still a medical student he 22 B.

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