Electronic Components by Morris A. Colwell (Auth.)

By Morris A. Colwell (Auth.)

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3 10 V V Voltage Voltage ceramic, tantalum polyester T h e colour code also contains i n f o r m a t i o n on the voltage rating. c. c o n t i n uous voltage t h a t should be applied t o the capacitor in normal use. c. c. c. voltage rating o f at least three times w o u l d be needed for :he j o b . Fig. 1 1 . Capacitor colour codes QmO IB 1 2 M / t WW rci T WW inn i nun i 7 1 1b_ I 2 M T 1 ^ M D' r F Capacitance T m D \ 1 G TCM 2 M 0 D E k 1 2 M T A 3 H 2 M Black 1st * o o o 2nd o o T i C o l o u r coding of capacitors t o be used in c o n j u n c t i o n w i t h T a b l e 1 0 .

1 6 b ) ; brass slugs are used in radio and television receivers 47 where the coils are very small and it w o u l d be otherwise d i f f i c u l t t o reduce the inductance w h i c h is also very small. f. transformers in t h e centre ( t o p ) ; T h e integrated circuit equivalent is s h o w n n e x t t o it (courtesy N V Philips G l o e i l a m p e n f a b r i e k e n ) core the inductance is increased. Brass slugs are o f t e n preferred w h e r e there is also a r e q u i r e m e n t f o r robustness, whereas a ferrite slug can be easily b r o k e n .

1 2 a . T w o capacitors c o n nected in parallel t o o b t a i n a higher overall capacitance (S^^ nected in series I 1|- r-II _ ^ ^ C \ Fig. 1 2 b . T w o capacitors c o n - \ L jr r . etc c c C f o r three or more capacitors in series. 37 Where capacitors are connected in parallel, the c o m b i n e d effective voltage rating is equivalent t o t h a t of the lowest in the g r o u p . Where capacitors are connected in series, the c o m b i n e d effective voltage rating is equivalent t o the sum of the individual c o m p o n e n t s ' voltages.

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