Dialectic of Sedimentation and Innovation by Kenzo Mabiala Justin-Robert

By Kenzo Mabiala Justin-Robert

Some of the most very important advancements within the episteme of our time is the popularity that every one being and all realizing are socially conditioned. This popularity increases the query of subjective creativity. Is creativity or innovation attainable? and what's the locus of creativity? Is it the topic or the constitution of the buildings of being of which it the topic is a component? Any suggestion of creativity that takes heavily the situation of being is for this reason guaranteed to take care of the perennial factor of freedom and determinism. This e-book examines the contribution of Paul Ricoeur to this query for the aim of theological intake. Ricoeur's philosophical reconstruction of the topic as self creates an area halfway among the trendy self-positing topic and the postmodern deconstructed topic the place cause rule yet doesn't tyrannize. it truly is from this area that he proposes a view of humanity that argues that to be human is to be homo voluntas, homo lingua, and homo capax. The ebook seeks to theologically applicable those notions for desire of an Africa in the hunt for a brand new inventive id.

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5 One encounters this notion of creativity at different stages of development throughout Court, 3 Anderson, Ricoeur's philosophical corpus. At each stage imaginative core of human existence. " Ricoeur deals with what Venema calls "the See Venema, Identifying Seifhood, 4 1 . for Venema, Ri c oeu r' s "co nceptu al pattern work of the i magi nation" is particu larly e v i dent in his earlier work. He only refigu res and repeats the same conceptual pattern "with an ever­ i ncreasi ng degree of nuance an d sophi sticati o n throughout hi s published works .

Ethics and Postnwdernity (New York: SUNY Press, 2001 ). 121 Wall, Moral Creativity, 7- 1 2. Wh ile Wall's thesis is the closest to mine, the two studies are distinct in at least two points. First, Wall's interest is primarily ethical, while my own interest is primarily theological. Second, my own reading of Ricoeur is more affirmati ve, whereas Wal l distances himself from Ricoeur at key junctures. contrast between moderni sm and postmodernism. First, " [a] lthough Ricoeur does advocate a hermeneutic of selfhood that is sup­ comparable with the posed to be beyond the philosophies of the cogito and anticogito, Ri coeur is certainly n o t an advocate of the end of phi losophy and all things modem .

Derrida, Writing and Diference, 279-80. 61 Derrida, Of Grammatology, 1 2 62 Ibid . See also, Derda, Writing and Diference, 279. 63 In his critique of writing, " Hegel spares alphabetical writing, wh ich he co n siders as the Aufhebung of the other forms . " In other words, writing is only commendable when it is subordinate to the voice (phone). All other instances of writing are threats and traitors to the immediacy of 12 DIALECTIC OF SEDIM ENT ATION AND I N NO V A TION do write, do not think that philosophy ought to consist in writing.

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