Dawn of the Age of Mammals in the Northern Part of the Rocky by Thomas M. Bown, Kenneth D. Rose

By Thomas M. Bown, Kenneth D. Rose

Mammals within the Rocky Mountains

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Biodiversity Response to Climate Change in the Middle Pleistocene: The Porcupine Cave Fauna from Colorado

This publication chronicles the invention and research of animal fossils present in essentially the most vital paleontological websites within the world-Porcupine Cave, positioned at an elevation of 9,500 toes within the Colorado Rocky Mountains. With tens of hundreds of thousands of pointed out specimens, this website has develop into the foremost resource of knowledge at the fauna of North America's larger elevations among nearly 1 million and 600,000 years in the past, a interval that observed the development and retreat of glaciers various occasions.

Fossil Reptiles of Great Britain

British Fossil reptile websites are of foreign significance considering they comprise continues to be that fill the time gaps poorly identified in different places. They comprise wealthy vintage reptile beds which were the resource of dozens of significant specimens. This quantity info all these websites that experience yielded fossil reptiles.

The Great American Biotic Interchange: A South American Perspective

South American ecosystems suffered one of many maximum biogeographical occasions, after the institution of the Panamian land bridge, referred to as the “Great American Biotic Interchange” (GABI). This refers back to the alternate, in numerous levels, of land mammals among the Americas; this occasion begun through the overdue Miocene with the looks of the Holartic Procyonidae (Huayquerian Age) in South the United States and keeps this present day.

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This assemblage consists of three localities, which according to the authors, could be placed in the ascending biostratigraphic order of Bug Creek Anthills, Bug Creek West, and Harbicht Hill. These authors recognized that the sites occurred in channel-fill deposits with the localities recorded as being 24,18, and 12 m, respectively, below the base of the Hell Creek-Tullock formational boundary. This formational contact was also taken to be the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary. Thus, the conclusion was that the Bug Creek faunal assemblage represented successive, fossil-bearing channels capped within the Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation.

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