Couple's Guide to Money, The: How to Make the Most of Your by Linda Gough

By Linda Gough

The definitive and confident own finance advisor that appears on the most sensible how you can mix, deal with, make investments, and guard your funds as a couple.

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Maybe you could rent a holiday home rather than buy one— or buy something smaller. Perhaps you could take a holiday at home rather than overseas or go for three weeks rather than four. And that debt you are keen to demolish may take eighteen months rather than twelve months to pay off. Keep monitoring your progress. Are you hitting your targets? Have you had some unexpected bills? If so, just realign your goals to accommodate your changes in circumstances and keep moving ahead. HOW MANY GOALS AT ONE TIME?

Or it may be that their parents were part of the baby boomer generation whose attitude was that we are here for a good time rather than a long time. Instead of marrying in their late teens or early twenties, many people now spend their twenties blowing whatever meagre savings they have accumulated on overseas trips, nice cars, up-to-the-minute wardrobes and entertainment. By the time they hit 30, they wonder where it has all gone! Social researcher Hugh Mackay said: My research shows that, generally speaking, around about the age of 30 people are only just beginning to come out of the sense of being kids.

However, they don’t take into account what happens when interest rates soar. If you are already living on the breadline, this can topple you over the edge. The best way to avoid interest rate increases is to try to pay a little more than the maximum required. It doesn’t have to be much, but it will help cushion you when interest rates move north. If they don’t move, it means you will pay more off your loan faster, which can’t be a bad thing. ADDICTION PROBLEMS An addiction problem can mean anything from drugs or alcohol through to a shoe fetish or motorcycle obsession.

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