Consciousness and Cognition by Michael Thau

By Michael Thau

Thau argues that 3 puzzles that has exercised the very best minds in philosophy of language and brain, i.e., Frege's Puzzle, The Inverted Spectrum, and the information Argument, are, regardless of appearances, versions of a similar puzzle. this is often intriguing stuff. Many writers on those subject matters have given other kinds of ideas to those puzzles. If Thau is true, then many must easily return to the strategy planning stage. The prose is obvious and jargon loose making the booklet a excitement to learn. this can be possibly crucial booklet in philosophy of language in brain within the final 20 years.

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The revised qualia freak view is right that representation of properties distinct from the colors is required to account for the possibility of spectrum inversion; and, more generally, it is right that representation of properties distinct from shape, distance, etc. properties is required in order to account for the internally determined features of experience.

3. Spectrum inversion sans functionalism In the last section we saw that the proper conclusion to draw from Harman's response is that, even if Abnorm's spectrum is inverted with respect to Norm's, things will still look to be the same color to them. So, if Norm and Abnorm are looking at a ripe tomato, it looks red to both of them. Recall that the reasons for believing that the tomato must look the same color to them are as follows. (i) If someone doesn't doubt that his visual experience is veridical, then when something looks red to him he'll come to believe that it is red.

Even in the absence of any positive reasons to doubt the cogency of spectrum inversion, the apparent conceivability of far-out science fiction possibilities is a slim reed on which to rest an account of perception. Who in the end knows whether such strange possibilities really are conceivable? And, even if they are, who knows if this means they are possible? However, some of the absurd counterfactual cases that occur in philosophy are merely ways to make a plausible point vivid. For example, the twin-earth cases are a way of bringing out how difficult it is to conceive of someone having a thought about something without having some causal contact with it and the difficulties with the (at first blush plausible) idea that what one thinks about depends solely on what one is like internally.

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