Computer Mathematics for Programmers by Darrell H. Abney, Laurence Rubin, Donald W. Sibrel

By Darrell H. Abney, Laurence Rubin, Donald W. Sibrel

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A method not presented in that chapter is first to get the binary representation of the positive number, change the l's to O's and the O's to l's, and then add 1 to this result. Tofindthe representation in Part 3 above, we would first express 44 as a 16-bit binary number. That number is 000000000101100. Next we change the l's to O's and the O's to l's to get 111111111010011. Now we add 1 tö get 111111111010100. Here are some integers written in a 16-bit storage scheme and in their decimal notation.

The carryover of 1 indicates a positive difference. If there is no carryover, then the answer is negative and is in complement form. Step 4: Check answer. 10-> answer or difference + 1011 -► original subtrahend 1101 -►original minuend Example 14 Subtract: minuend - subtrahend (11011) 2 - (111)2 SOLUTION: Step 1: Find the 2's complement of the subtrahend. ) Step 2: Add the 2's complement of the subtrahend to the minuend. 11011-> minuend + 11001-> 2's complement of subtrahend J j 10100 Step 3: The answer is +10100 as there was a carryover of 1.

Give the decimal representation of each: 58 Chapter 3 / Computer Arithmetic WORK Date Name PROBLEMS Score WORK (a) 010000011100000... (b) 110000010001111... (c) 101111111000111... (d) 010000101111000... 7. 125 8. The following 32-bit words represent numbers as stored on an IBM 360 computer. Give the decimal representation of each: (a) 1011111110100000... (b) 0011111110100000... (c) 1100001011100000... (d) 0100001011100000... 9. 125 Problem Set B 59 PROBLEMS 10. 429E-8) = 11. 11111 E - 5 ) + ( .

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