Compound Semiconductor Radiation Detectors by Alan Owens

By Alan Owens

"Although elemental semiconductors resembling silicon and germanium are usual for power dispersive spectroscopy within the laboratory, their use for an expanding variety of functions is changing into marginalized by means of their actual obstacles, particularly the necessity for ancillary cooling, their modest preventing powers, and radiation intolerance. Compound semiconductors, nonetheless, surround this sort of wide variety of physical Read more...

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The corresponding wave function is a solution of the Schrödinger equation [14] for a periodic potential and is called the Bloch function. 8) where r is the position vector, and φk(r) is a periodic function with the period of the lattice potential field. 8) may be regarded as a plane wave exp(ik⋅r) with an amplitude φk(r) modulated by the period of the crystal lattice. The band structure of the electron energy spectrum in a crystalline solid arises as a consequence of the interference of the Bloch waves [15].

The dotted line is the so-called “saturation curve” which in effect is the measured curve corrected for charge collection efficiency. (from [18]). Like silver chloride, the sample was a conductor at room temperature. ). Preface xxxix show photoconductivity and when cooled to liquid nitrogen temperature became insulating. When a 500-V bias was applied, it displayed a counting response to the gamma ray source with individual pulses observed on an oscilloscope. Experiments at different temperatures showed that the device became conductive at temperatures above –70°C.

7]. consequently, free carrier density, because its magnitude in pure materials is a direct consequence of the bandgap. 1 Carrier Generation and Recombination Free electrons may be generated by exciting electrons from the valence band into the conduction band, leaving behind a free hole in the valence band. Thus, the carrier generation process simultaneously creates equal numbers of electrons and holes. There are several mechanisms by which free carriers can be generated, and these may be individually targeted for specific applications.

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