Compact Sources of Ultrashort Pulses by Irl N. Duling III

By Irl N. Duling III

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In the master equation we represented it by the term ^\a\2. 24. Multiple pulses i n a fiber ring laser. 38 H. A. Haus and is represented more strictly by sin(7|

7. The plots of pulse width r and chirp parameter j3 as functions of dispersion, with the SPM coefficient as parameter. /3, chirp parameter; Dn, normalized GVD parameter; 7n, normalized equivalent fast saturable absorber, 7n = 7^-^g5 <5n, normalized self-phase modulation parameter, Sn = Sj^Qg; rn normalized pulse width rn = Ogr. 8. The spectral width as function of dispersion, with the SPM coefficient as parameter. Short pulse generation 17 pulse if the chirp is large. This is the well known phenomenon of pulse shortening that occurs when a highly chirped pulse passes through a filter.

The timing of these multiple pulses is not controlled, they wander back and forth randomly, leading to unacceptable performance. This means that the length of the gain fiber must be kept short enough so that only one pulse occurs per transit, unless effective means are found to control the timing of multiple pulses. Let us now discuss briefly the causes that limit the peak intensity of the pulses. One cause is the SAM action of polarization rotation. In the master equation we represented it by the term ^\a\2.

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