Christianophobia by Rupert Shortt

By Rupert Shortt

The purpose of this booklet is twofold: One is to counter the large weight of column inches being spent at the perceived, and real, persecution of Islam. the second one is to show up the amount at the aspect of Christians instead of Atheists (a place which has been underpinned so vociferously through Dawkins et al in contemporary times). in truth there were - and nonetheless are - many poor tales of homicide, oppression and persecution of Christians world wide, in East Timor, Burma, Egypt, China, Iran, and plenty of different international locations. the explanation we don't pay attention a lot approximately them, says the writer, is the terror of giving offence; the very fact younger Christians don't develop into radicalised; and persecuted Christians have a tendency to not reply with violence. but Christians are persecuted in higher numbers than the other worldwide non secular physique, and this truth is significantly under-recognised. It seems to be most likely interfaith family members could be an immense problem of the twenty first century, and concord among religions is calling beautiful distant. Why are faiths now so linked to violent clash? Why has the communications revolution had a deeper impression on Islam than on Christianity? Why is there a bent to affiliate Christianity with the West, and with overt/covert different types of colonialism? simply how insular and prejudiced are we within the West approximately Christians in another country?

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