Ceramic nanocomposites by Rajat Banerjee, Indranil Manna

By Rajat Banerjee, Indranil Manna

Ceramic nanocomposites display a couple of beneficial features corresponding to magnetic houses, excessive thermal resistance, and superior hardness, energy, and creep resistance in comparison to traditional ceramic matrix composites.  This makes them promising fabrics for a variety of functions. participants provide large insurance of the kinds, homes and constitution of ceramic nanocomposites. They then examine the layout and production procedures, checking out tools and purposes in industries, equivalent to biomedical, strength and electronics.

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7 Al2O3/Mo nanocomposites Molybdenum particles are one of the refractory metals and have a lower thermal expansion coefficient than the Al2O3 matrix. A conventional powder metallurgical technique was used to prepare Al2O3/Mo nanocomposites. 5, 10, 15 and 20 vol%). The powder mixtures were ball milled using zirconia milling media in acetone for 24 h. These slurries were dried © Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2013 Thermal shock resistant/flame retardant ceramic nanocomposites 19 and passed through a 250 μm screen.

Several investigators have studied nanocomposites in which nanometresized particles were dispersed within ceramic matrix grains and/or at the grain boundaries to eliminate strength-degrading flaws (Mizutani et al. 1997, Nawa et al. 1992, Siegel et al. 2001). They tried to develop ceramic/ metal nanocomposites by selecting Y2O3-stabilized TZP (3 mol% Y2O3) as the ceramic matrix material and refractory molybdenum (Mo) metal powder as the dispersing particles. The powder mixtures, containing 10, 20, 30, 40 © Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2013 Thermal shock resistant/flame retardant ceramic nanocomposites 21 and 50 vol% Mo, were ball milled in acetone for 24 h.

This hardening is supposed to be accounted for by the contribution of the fine-grained microstructure of the Al2O3 matrix (Sargent and Page 1978) and/or the intergranular nanostructure of Al2O3/Mo nanocomposites, in which nanometre-sized molybdenum particles are dispersed within the Al2O3 grains and at the grain boundaries. In fact, the monolithic Al2O3 used in this nanocomposite showed a negative dependence of grain size on hardness and the nanometresized metal particle will itself cause hardening (Wierenga et al.

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