Cenozoic Mammals of Africa by Lars Werdelin

By Lars Werdelin

This awesome quantity is a transparent and accomplished overview of the African mammalian fossil list during the last sixty five million years. Cenozoic Mammals of Africa comprises present taxonomic and systematic revisions of all African mammal taxa, precise compilations of fossil website occurrences, and a wealth of data concerning paleobiology, phylogeny, and biogeography. Primates, together with hominins, are quite good coated. The dialogue addresses the systematics of endemic African mammals, elements in terms of species richness, and a precis of isotopic info. The paintings additionally offers contextual information regarding Cenozoic African tectonics, chrono stratigraphy of websites, paleobotany, and worldwide and nearby weather swap. Updating our figuring out of this significant fabric with the wealth of study from the previous 3 a long time, this quantity is an important source for an individual drawn to the evolutionary background of Africa and the diversification of its mammals.

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Kenya, of course, has many fossil localities apart from those that are mainly Miocene and the Turkana Basin sequences discussed elsewhere herein. , 1999). , latest Piacenzian). 78 Ma. Kanam includes several levels, but they are as yet not well dated. Other formations in the area include the Kasibos Formation, which is placed in the Jaramillo subchron; the Apoko Formation, which is thought to be late middle Pleistocene; and the Abundu Formation, which is early Pleistocene in age. , 1981). PHYSICAL AND TEMPOR AL SET TING 1/13/10 10:24:44 PM Olorgesailie includes a series of important archeological and paleontological sites that have been excavated for over 50 years.

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