Cased-Hole Log Analysis and Reservoir Performance Monitoring by Richard M. Bateman

By Richard M. Bateman

This booklet addresses important matters, comparable to the evaluate of shale gasoline reservoirs and their construction. issues comprise the cased-hole logging atmosphere, reservoir fluid homes; movement regimes; temperature, noise, cement bond, and pulsed neutron logging; and casing inspection. construction logging charts and tables are incorporated within the appendices. The paintings serves as a accomplished reference for creation engineers with upstream E&P businesses, good logging provider corporation staff, collage scholars, and petroleum education professionals.

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Thus, the ideal gas law needs a "fudge factor" to make it truly reflect the behavior of natural hydrocarbon gases. This fudge factor is given the symbol Z and is known as the supercompressibility factor: Z Tse PWf. TWf Pse 43 3. 0 Pressure 500psia 180 140 Temperature of 220 260 "- 20 ~ "" ~ .... "- • a! w. Given: 180°F. 3,400 psia. = 20,000 ppm. Twf = pwf = CNaCI 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. (Top) Enrer the abscissa at Twf = 180. Go up to Pwf = 3,400. Read R;w = 16 cUB. (Bottom) Enter the abscissa at 20 (20,000 ppm).

Q) "- 40 U• 0 o ... ""P" -oQ) :JD.. 0 . k\. ::: :::J ..... 1 Gas gravity. )"9 (ai r = 1. 0) Find Tpe and ppc. 75. average gases. 1. 75. 2. Go up to Tpc = 406°R and Ppc = 664 psia. 13 Pseudo-Critical Natural-Gas Parameters. Courtesy Schlumber- ger Well Services; after Brown and Katz 1948. 47 3. RESERVOIR FLUID PROPERTIES When more accurate results are required, the Z factor must be determined. This is a more laborious task and involves: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. finding the pseudo-critical pressure (Ppc ), finding the pseudo-critical temperature (Tpc ), finding the pseudo-reduced pressure (Ppr ), finding the pseudo-reduced temperature (Tpr ), and using the latter two to find Z.

During the production process, however, the tempera- 35 3. RESERVOIR FLUID PROPERTIES PHASE DIAGRAM II o I Liquid -......... PV PLANE II Critical I o Bubble point ~ I /" Bubble point t w a:: ::J W 0:: ::J (f) (f) W 0:: Q. Dewpoint W 0:: (f) (f) \ Q. 4 Bubble-Point and Dewpoint Determination for a Multicompo- nent System. Courtesy Schlumberger Well Services. 5 Phase Diagram of a Normal GOR Well. Courtesy Schlumberger Well Servh"es. :. erv; . ;. :. 6 Phase Diagram of a Retrograde Condensate-Gas Well.

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