Carbonate Depositional Systems: Assessing Dimensions and by Hildegard Westphal, Bernhard Riegl, Gregor P. Eberli

By Hildegard Westphal, Bernhard Riegl, Gregor P. Eberli

Carbonate sediments are of accelerating relevance for files of previous environmental stipulations and for low-priced purposes in parts of geothermal strength and hydrocarbon reservoirs. advanced interplay of actual and chemical parameters with organic parameters determines the structure and composition of carbonate sedimentary our bodies. This publication closes many of the nonetheless latest gaps in our figuring out of the impression and interaction of actual, chemical, and organic parameters with carbonate sedimentation. An figuring out of this interplay is not just required for trustworthy prediction of reservoir caliber but in addition for a strong interpretation of environmental stipulations long ago and the current. it truly is written by means of geologists for geologists that allows you to supply an simply obtainable assessment of the big volume of suitable info supplied through the neighbouring sciences. The technique of the ebook is to rfile the fashionable depositional environments of 3 classical parts of carbonate deposition, every one attribute for a selected sedimentological surroundings (isolated platform, hooked up shelf, ramp) with a purpose to determine either the diversity of actual, organic and chemical parameters and their sedimentary reaction. This ebook provides a finished compilation in accordance with information from released paintings and unpublished theses, and the mixing of those info which will extract formerly undiscovered relationships among the mentioned parameters and carbonate deposition.

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Slope and deep-water deposits occur as linear belts around each bank. 18. 1 Antecedent Topography Antecedent topography is a major control on the facies geometries of the Bahamas by providing large-scale energy barriers that result in a distinctive windward and leeward facies configuration. In addition, variations in underlying topography influence localized deposition. Antecedent topography of the present-day depositional system of the Bahamas is composed of Pleistocene eolianite ridge and beach deposits, partially lithified Holocene eolian and beach deposits, and modern sediments (Carew and Mylroie 1995).

For each of these groups an attempt is made to characterize their growth rate, their contribution to calcareous sediment production and destruction, and the factors controlling those parameters. Temperature, salinity, light (depth/turbidity), nutrient level (nitrate and phosphate), and water motion all play a significant role in the distribution of the various organisms. An additional important source of fine-grained sediment is bioerosion that destroys framework-building skeletons (compare Hassan 1998).

Porites, S. siderea P. astreoides, siderea, species P. astreoides, S. sidereal, Diploria clivosa, M. annularis, P. porites, P. porites A. agaricites, Dichocoenia stokesi, Millepora alcicornis, Favia fragum M. complanata, P. L. Bergman et al. 2 Controlling Parameters on Facies Geometries of the Bahamas 29 cavernosa, and Siderastrea siderea (Smith 1948; Tucker and Wright 1990; Chiappone et al. 1996, 1997a). On the fringing reef along the windward side of Andros Island, the so-called Andros Barrier Reef, corals exhibit a clear zonation according to energy.

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