Basic Maths Practice Problems For Dummies by Colin Beveridge

By Colin Beveridge

Enjoyable, pleasant training and the entire perform you must take on maths issues of self belief and ease

In his well known simple Maths For Dummies, specialist maths educate Colin Beveridge proved that he may well flip an individual – even the main maths-phobic individual – right into a natural-born quantity cruncher. during this ebook he offers extra of his detailed model of maths-made- effortless training, plus 2,000 perform difficulties that can assist you grasp what you examine. even if you're prepping for a numeracy attempt or an employability examination, taking into consideration returning to college, or you'd similar to to be a kind of know-it-alls who says, 'Oh, that's easy!' approximately any maths challenge that comes your manner, this booklet is for you.
• grasp easy mathematics, quickly – very quickly, fixing addition, subtraction, multiplication and department difficulties will appear as effortless as tying your shoes
• Face down fractions – you'll by no means back consider shy round fractions, decimals, possibilities and ratios
• Juggle weights and measures like a professional – even if it's a query of the way a lot it weighs, how lengthy (or a ways) it truly is, or how a lot it bills, you'll by no means be at a loss for an answer
• Make shapes your playthings – circles, squares, triangles and rectangles – you'll degree them, draw them and control them with ease

Open the booklet and find:

• 2,000 pencil-and-paper perform problems
• The keys to getting to know addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
• The lowdown on fractions, decimals and percentages
• uncomplicated geometry made easy
• the right way to deal with weights, measures and funds problems
• tips to learn charts, tables and graphs at a glance
Learn to:

• grasp maths with greater than 2,000 perform questions
• upload, subtract, multiply and divide with confidence
• paintings with decimals, fractions and percentages
• dimension up weights and measures

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