Basic Algebra II by N. Jacobson

By N. Jacobson

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Notes on Rubik's Magic Cube

Notes on Rubik's 'Magic dice'

Beginner's Basque

This name incorporates a ebook and a pair of audio CDs. Basque is the language spoken by way of the Basque those who stay within the Pyrenees in North crucial Spain and the adjacent sector of south west France. it's also spoken through many immigrant groups worldwide together with the USA, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

Elementary Algebra

User-friendly Algebra is a piece textual content that covers the normal themes studied in a contemporary effortless algebra direction. it's meant for college kids who (1) haven't any publicity to effortless algebra, (2) have formerly had an uncongenial adventure with simple algebra, or (3) have to evaluation algebraic innovations and strategies.

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